Global Remote Work Readiness Index 2024

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What is global remote work readiness index?

The global remote work readiness index is a metric that measures the readiness and compatibility of a country's workforce to operate in remote work environments. This index is based on various factors that collectively indicate the potential success of remote work in that country.
Internet connectivity
Work life balance
Cost of living
Safety and healthcare
Economic stability
Legal framework
Time zone compatibility

Which countries score the highest?

Insights from the report

Cost of living

The countries with a diverse labor market and low cost of living have the best expansion opportunities. India is one such country on the GRWI list, which is affordable with a skilled labor market. The country stands at the top position for cost of living and 36th rank overall.

Internet connectivity

Reliable and high-speed internet is critical to remote work success. Singapore and Denmark are countries with high-speed internet connectivity, perfectly suited to remote work.

Economic stability

When it comes to economic stability, the US and Canada are two of the top-ranking countries in the world. Thus, the countries offer a secure environment for remote work.

Legal framework for remote work

When it comes to legal framework for remote work Singapore, USA and Canada take the first 3 spots for its robust and transparent legal system.

Work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance attracts and retains top talents. Sweden and Finland score 9 on work-life balance, and their overall rankings are 7th and 13th, respectively.

Safety and healthcare

The safety and healthcare services is a country impacts the environment for remote work. Norway, Switzerland, and Singapore are among the top-rated countries in this regard.

Time zone compatibility

When time zones align, seamless collaboration happens. The best countries that align with major business hubs like Europe, US, and Asia include India and New Zealand.
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How are the values calculated?

We studied through several scientific research to zero down on the best method to calculate the scores. Our team of data scientists considered each metric of the GRWI to conclude the comparable scores for each country.