Employer of Record for Small Business

Gloroots simplifies global expansion for small businesses with tailored hiring, payroll, and compliance solutions, making international employment accessible and manageable.
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Why Small Businesses Should Choose an EOR Platform

Global Expansion

Expand your business globally without the heavy financial burden of setting up foreign entities or offices.

Payroll and Compliance

Navigate the complexities of international payroll and tax laws effortlessly with our comprehensive EOR solutions.

Access to a Wider Talent Pool

Break geographical barriers and access global talent, fostering innovation and diversity in your workforce.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks associated with international labor laws and regulatory compliance, ensuring smooth operations.

Features Tailored For Small Businesses

Employee onboarding

Adaptive Contracting and Onboarding

Simplify the onboarding process for your international employees and contractors with our streamlined system.
Perfectly suited for the fast-paced environment of small businesses, our platform ensures quick and efficient onboarding without sacrificing quality.
Global payroll

Multi-Currency Payroll

Manage payroll effortlessly across different currencies, eliminating the headache of currency conversions and excessive bank charges.

Our system is designed to handle diverse currency needs, catering specifically to the financial concerns of small businesses.
Manage contractors

Compliantly Manage Contracts

Stay ahead of the curve with automated compliance features that ensure adherence to local labor laws and regulations.

Our contract management tools are tailored to the unique needs of small businesses, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of legal issues.

Why Choose Gloroots For Small Businesses

Personalized Support and Guidance

Receive dedicated support and guidance tailored to the needs of your small business.

Transparent Pricing

Benefit from our transparent, cost-effective pricing model, designed to support the financial realities of small businesses.

User-Friendly Platform

Experience a user-friendly platform that simplifies global HR tasks, making them manageable for small business owners.

Agility and Flexibility

Our platform is agile and flexible, adapting quickly to your business's changing needs and scale.

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All your doubts, answered.

What are the key benefits of choosing an EOR platform like Gloroots for small businesses?

Choosing Gloroots enables small businesses to expand globally in a cost-effective manner, bypassing the need for establishing foreign entities or offices. Additionally, our platform simplifies international payroll and tax compliance, grants access to a diverse talent pool, and mitigates risks associated with foreign markets.

How does Gloroots simplify international payroll and tax compliance for small businesses?

Gloroots streamlines international payroll management by efficiently handling payroll across different currencies, minimizing the complexities of currency conversions and bank charges. Moreover, our platform ensures compliance with local tax laws and regulations through automated features, easing the burden on small business owners.

Why should small businesses choose Gloroots over other EOR platforms?

Small businesses benefit from Gloroots' personalized support and guidance, transparent and cost-effective pricing model, and user-friendly platform. Additionally, our platform prioritizes agility and flexibility, adapting quickly to accommodate the changing needs and scale of small businesses.