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How to Hire Web3 Developers?

Mayank Bhutoria

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This ever-changing technological landscape is experiencing the latest transformative shift with the rise of Web 3.0, especially in the realm of blockchain. According to the Vantage Market Research report, the Global Web 3.0 Blockchain market revenue is expected to reach a value of $23.3 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 41.6%. As obvious, Web3 developers are in high demand. They create the decentralized applications that are the backbone of Web3.

According to the McKinsey & Co. report, metaverse, a subset of Web3, has the potential to create $5 trillion in value by the end of the decade, and it can only happen if it can recruit more developers. But there is a massive shortage of Web3 developers – they make up just 1% of all coders globally. 

So, if you need to hire a Web 3 Developer for your organization, you may have to invest extra effort to select the right person. This blog will help you through the selection process of web3 developers for hire.

Understanding the Web3 ecosystem

Most companies have code-based needs that require developers to help build, update, rebuild, and maintain. Depending on the stage and scale of your product and services, you may need to hire a Web3 developer, multiple developers, or even a full developer team to help keep your business running.

Before starting the hiring process, it's important to understand exactly what Web3 comprises. Web3, which is defined by decentralized protocols and blockchain technologies, is the next generation of the internet. Hiring web3 developers ensures your project can utilize the power of decentralization, smart contracts, and secure data handling. 

So, depending on your organization’s need, you may consider hiring a full-time, part-time, or remote web3 developer to run your projects and keep them up-to-date.


Identify your project requirements

Clearly define your project needs

The first step of your web3 developer hiring journey is to outline your project requirements in detail. Understanding your project's specifics will help you to list the skills you need to look for. 

Clearly state your project's objectives, parameters, and type, whether it is a Web3 initiative, a decentralized application (dApp), or smart contract development. This will assist you in identifying the specific skills needed for your project.

Identify necessary skills

To select a web3 developer for hire, you must specify the blockchain platforms, smart contract languages, and other Web3 technologies you need for your project. 

An efficient Web3 developer must possess five technical skills: 

  • Proficiency in programming languages
  • Understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Experience with databases
  • Familiarity with version control systems
  • Knowledge of software testing and debugging. 

Don’t forget to mention the experience level you require.

Budget for hiring Web3 developers

Be transparent about your budget constraints. This will help to attract the right candidates who align with your financial parameters and are genuinely interested in contributing to your project.

Craft an effective job description

Highlight the exciting aspects of your project

Along with the technical requirements outline, your job description must highlight the exciting aspects of your project. It will help convey the project's significance and attract top-tier talent.

Specify Web3 technologies involved

Clearly mention the Web3 technologies and tools involved in your project. This will help potential candidates determine if they meet your requirements or not.

Specify key responsibilities and needed skills and qualifications

Mention a detailed list of key responsibilities and the skills and qualifications you’re looking for in web3 developers for hire. This will ensure that applicants have a clear understanding of the expectations.

Where to Find Web3 Developers

Explore specialized job boards

You can explore specialized job boards like Indeed, where you can find dedicated blockchain and Web3 developers with different skill sets and experience levels. 

Utilize social media and online communities

Apart from job boards, you can look for candidates on social media platforms like LinkedIn and online communities dedicated to blockchain and Web3 development. Networking in these spaces can lead you to potential candidates with desired skill sets.


Screening and shortlisting candidates

Review past Web3 projects

To select the right web3 developer for hire, you must review their past Web3 projects. It will help you confirm whether their experience aligns with your project requirements. Past project details are a good way to check the candidate's track record in the field.

Conduct technical assessments

Consider conducting technical tests to determine the candidate's Web3 programming expertise level. You can use coding challenges and real-world testing to judge their talents.

Assessing familiarity with relevant tools and frameworks

Make sure that candidates are familiar with the specific tools and frameworks essential for your project. This will help in an efficient and smoother integration once they join your organization.

Interviewing Web3 developers

Assess blockchain knowledge

During interviews, assess candidates' depth of knowledge in particular technology and their ability to apply it in practical scenarios.

Evaluate Web3.js proficiency

As Web3.js is important, observe how good candidates are at using it for Ethereum blockchain tasks. It is essential to hire web3.js developers and incorporate them into your development process seamlessly. 

Assess problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Problem-solving and critical thinking are two important criteria for choosing the right web3 developer for hire. While problem-solving skills enable Web3 developers to analyze issues, critical thinking allows them to come up with effective solutions. Ensure your candidate has these soft skills to participate efficiently in the project, adjust to the existing team, and contribute to the development process.

Evaluate cultural fit and collaboration potential

Hire web3 developers with five soft skills, including communication and collaboration potential, time management, attention to detail, and adaptability to develop a productive team. These abilities of developers will help them work well with others, communicate effectively, and establish a smooth working environment.

Negotiating and finalizing the hire

Consider remote work dynamics

Considering Web3 development is an international endeavor, be prepared to have remote employees and convey your terms to establish an efficient remote working environment. Talk about the norms of communication, expectations, and tools that are needed to conduct remote work smoothly 

Negotiating terms and conditions

Clearly communicate your terms and conditions to the candidates, like work hours, deadlines, leaves, etc. This will help to avoid confusion and build a strong foundation for collaboration.

Negotiate compensation

Offer a reasonable pay package based on a candidate's skills, experience, and the project's scope. Ensure that the compensation must reflect the value they bring to your Web3 initiatives.

Onboarding and integration

Facilitate a smooth onboarding process

After hiring, a smooth onboarding process is critical to integrate a web3 developer into the team. You must provide the new developer with every necessary document, access to resources, and mentorship they need to adapt quickly to your project.

With Gloroots EOR solution, you can onboard employees and international contractors seamlessly within a day. The platform offers faster onboarding with automated contract generation and single dashboard view to track the onboarding progress of the applicants. 

Integrate new Web3 developers into the existing team

Encourage your newly hired web3 developer to collaborate and integrate within your team. Create a supporting environment within the team to facilitate easy integration of new members.

Hire the best Web3 developers with Gloroots

While there is a shortage of Web3 developers in the market, you must look for the best way to get the best fit for your project. Your Web3 developers hiring can be smoother and more efficient if you search in the right places, conduct the interviews effectively, design a solid coding test, and negotiate efficiently. 

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