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Choose Gloroots for risk-free global hiring

Struggling with employment risks? Manage international hiring, payroll, and compliance in 140+ countries with Gloroots.
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Gloroots helped Sketchnote pay all of its international contractors in one go.
"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias
Co-founder, Sketchnote

Why Choose Gloroots over Remote?

Unlock Global Coverage with Ease

Unlike Remote that operates within limited locations, Gloroots lets you to expand your business globally without the heavy financial burden of setting up foreign entities or offices in more than 140 countries.

Enjoy a single-click payroll

While Remote still has room for improvement in its payroll process, Gloroots offers flexible and easy payroll management. Our cross-border payment partners let you make timely payments in multiple currencies with a single transaction. Plus, you can enjoy optimal exchange rates.

Get clear visibility

No surprises with hidden charges. Get detailed monthly reports from Gloroots to track how we use your resources. We communicate your liabilities, the FX rates we use, and a detailed breakdown of the EOR fees you pay us.

Avoid penalties with global compliance

With our team of compliance experts, you can avoid high-penalty risks. Unlike Remote, we’re committed to ‘no compliance shortcuts.’ Gloroots does whatever it takes to maintain global compliance at all times.

Gloroots vs. Remote

Features Gloroots Remote
Contractor Management $29/month $29/month
Employer of Record (EOR) $299/month $599/month
Transparent Pricing Hidden Prices: Some services require contacting sales for pricing
Comprehensive Platform
EOR, Payroll and Contractor Management, all in one place
6-click automated contract generation Platform Access After Self Verification by Employees
All documents in one place
Dashboard view of employee onboarding progress
Manage global teams from a single panel
Self Service Portal and Onboarding Self Service Portal Available

Onboarding can begin as early as 1 business day

Self Service Portal Available

No data for the onboarding time.

Leave Management and Timesheets
Transparent monthly reporting and analytics Custom reports are only available for Enterprise clients
EOR 140+ countries 78 Countries
Contractor coverage 170 countries
Global Payroll 21 countries
24/7 active customer support Enterprise customers only
Multi channel support including phone support
Dedicated Local HR Support Data Not Available
Multi-currency payments including Crypto Payments
Timely payments
Payroll Withholding Management
Payroll Calendar ✅ Off-cycle pay runs possible

Flexible cut-off dates

❌ No off-cycle pay runs

Inflexible cut-off dates

Liability Maximum liability for any issue is limited to the service fees paid in the preceding month.
Network for Payments Uses third party payment providers Uses third party payment providers
Payroll Management and Reporting
Single-click payroll
Cost Projection
Benefits & Compliance
Benefits and Insurance Administration Offers a variety of plans through network of insurance providers that comply with regulations Offers a variety of plans through network of insurance providers that comply with regulations
Local Compliance Strict compliance through high quality partners Potential conflict of interest in self-auditing
Global Solutions for Tech Equipments
Tax Compliance
Security & protection
Data protection
IP Protection
KYC Checks Data Not Available
OFAC Data Not Available
GDPR Data Not Available
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Check out Remote's Drawbacks directly from its users

What do you dislike about Remote?

I started using this platform a little more than a year ago and the information they provide is very limited. I feel there are hidden cost in their services. The features could be better and the customer support is kinda slow
Mohan Mundkur
Small Business
Gloroots offers transparent pricing and customer centric support

What do you dislike about Remote?

They have frequently overcharged us and delayed paying the refund. There is next to zero transparency on what part of the charge is payroll vs their service fee.
Rohan Sampath
Co-Founder & CEO
Gloroots offers timely payments, refunds and transparent pricing

What do you dislike about Remote?

The first problem is their bait-and-switch approach to pricing. It takes many days of back and forth with mixed levels of competency from their support team to resolve issues
Tom Wright
Founder & CEO
Gloroots offers clear communication and instant support

Hear it from our customers

"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias
Co-founder, Sketchnote
“Seeing Gloroots’ highly detailed invoice breakdowns, payroll reports gave us complete assurance that we were fully compliant.”
Richie Khandelwal
Co-founder, Pricelabs

Pricing Comparison


Pay contractors


Hire employees



Hire Contractors


Hire employees


Ask 4 Questions Before You Choose 
a Global EOR Solution

Is the pricing structure complex?

Understand the EOR’s pricing structure to ensure it fits your budget.

Gloroots offers transparent, simple, and affordable pricing. You can hire unlimited contractors at $29/contractor/month and employees at $299/employee/month.

Deel has a simple but expensive pricing structure that may not be a good fit for SMEs.

Is my data safe with the service provider?

Data security is often compromised when working with third-party service providers. Gloroots ensure 100% IP protection. We are GDPR compliant and have the highest security policies in place.

Does the service provider maintain transparency?

Without clear visibility, it is difficult for businesses to know how the service provider uses their resources. 

Gloroots gives you complete visibility of your resource usage and liabilities. We send monthly reports stating the FX rates, tax deductions, social security liabilities, and a detailed EOR fee breakdown.

Is the payroll system flexible and simple?

A seamless payroll system ensures timely payments to your workforce. With Gloroots’ single-click payroll system, your workforce will be paid on time in their home currencies.  Moreover, you can pay us in a single transaction via cards, ACH, wire, or Crypto.

Deel’s payroll system still requires improvement since clients often face frequent changes in payment dates.