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We strongly believe all businesses should be able to access their desired talent, regardless of time, location and employment complexities. Our EOR platform plus our compliance experts will make this safe and possible.
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Global compliance
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Why global compliance is important

Protect your businesses against penalties

Avoid paying undeserved fines and penalties when employing global talent. Hire employees compliant with local employment laws, no matter which country they’re located.

Prevent employee misclassification

Each country has laws that regulate the classification of permanent employees and contractors. Your global compliance partner will constantly monitor how you engage with employment relationships.

Pay employees in compliance

Ensure employees are paid based on their local payroll laws and benefits are properly compensated based on local trends.

Uphold company reputation and trust

Global compliance maintains your company's reputation, fosters trust among stakeholders, and promotes a positive global brand image.

Compliantly hire employees


Hire with compliant contracts

Quickly edit, send, and sign contracts through Gloroots. Unique to our service, we adapt contracts for both employees and contractors, continuously updating them to reflect changes in local legislation.

Set up a compliant payroll system

Pay employees on time in a single click without the nature of pay cycles, currency type and the deductions that employers are usually responsible for.

Ensure your team is set up to stay compliant

Secure the necessary paperwork for each employee and contractor, including tax collection, permits, and compliance documents. Gloroots will help you maintain and monitor all records in one location, effortlessly identifying any missing items.

A Unified Platform For Global Compliance

Compliant contracts

Compliant contracts

Our service guarantees full compliance with labor laws for all contracts, regardless of talent location. This covers mandatory benefits, legal leaves, termination regulations, work hours, salary details, and dual-language contracts, ensuring legal adherence everywhere.
benifits and insurance

Locally competitive benefits and insurance

As an international employer, ensuring compliance with local employment laws while offering globally competitive benefits is vital. Tailor your benefits to meet the specific needs of your international workforce, aligning with both global standards and local regulations.
payments and taxes

Manage accurate payments and taxes

Pay your global employees on-time in their local currencies. We make sure all the right taxes, social contributions and other government fees are paid.

Why choose Gloroots?

Compliance Across Borders

Navigate the complexities of international payroll compliance with ease. Gloroots is equipped to handle varying payroll regulations, ensuring your business stays compliant in every country.

We lead with transparency

We do not keep employee expenses a secret affair. We offer reports to track all your employment expenses – tax deductions, social security contributions, in-hand salary, FX Rates and fees (in USD) used to pay employees in local currency, EOR fees.

We make offboarding easy

When it comes to tough situations like employee termination, we’re right there to guide you through legally. We make sure all employment exit formalities such as pending payments, offboarding paperwork, final compensations are handled with care.

Unified platform

Hiring can be complex, even domestically. Gloroots centralizes hiring, payroll, and insurance on a single platform, simplifying onboarding, invoice payments, and visa requests with just a few clicks.

Ready to take your hiring global? Let’s talk. Our experts have got you covered. 

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All your doubts, answered.

What are the Key Elements of Effective Global Payroll Compliance?

Effective global payroll compliance includes maintaining accurate employee data, legal and regulatory compliance in each country of operation, efficient payroll processing and payments, and periodic reviews for potential compliance issues. These elements are vital to avoid risks and ensure a compliant payroll system.

What Challenges Do Companies Face in Maintaining Compliant Global Payroll Administration?

When paying their employees who are located in a different country, companies face challenges like varying tax regulations and social security complexities, ensuring data privacy compliance, managing currency fluctuations, and adapting to diverse regulatory environments. These factors make global payroll administration a complex task.

How Can an Employer of Record (EOR) Solution Ensure International Payroll Compliance?

An EOR  will have a a team on in-house experts to ensure compliance through contract management, managing local tax regulations, and social security contributions. (edited)