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Misclassification risk calculator

Low Risk

You are in the clear. However, do check from time to time. Have you considered converting contractors to full-time employees? Gloroots can help.

Misclassification risk calculator

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You could be misclassifying your employees which could lead to fines, penalties, and legal issues. Get in touch with us.

Misclassification risk calculator

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You may be incorrectly classifying contractors against the local laws in certain countries, leaving you open to fines, penalties, and legal issues. Get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee misclassification?

Employee misclassification is when an employer incorrectly categorizes an employee as an independent contractor.

Is employee misclassification illegal?

Yes, employee misclassification is an illegal practice. It can result in loss of public tax revenue and reputational damage.

How to fix misclassified employees?

Employers must correctly categorize their workers and make amends with the affected parties to fix employee misclassification. This includes paying back wages to workers and taxes to government authorities. Additionally, employers must provide employee benefits, legal fees, and accrued fines.  

 What determines contractor misclassification?

Several factors determine contractor misclassification. For example, if a worker has a substantial investment in their business (training or equipment), the IRS will consent to their contractor status. Similarly, other factors include workers receiving compensation by project, performing work that demands specialized skills, and intending to establish contractor-client relationships.

How do I reduce my employee misclassification risk?

Reduce your employee misclassification risk by knowing independent contractor rights, understanding classification laws, getting expert advice, and auditing the existing classification processes.Use Gloroots worker misclassification analyzer to estimate and mitigate your employee misclassification risk.