Global Contractor Management Software

Gloroots simplifies the complexities of hiring, paying, and providing benefits to contractors across more than 140 countries, ensuring a seamless contractor management experience.
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Manage International contractors in one place

Build Resilient Teams

Establish agile and adaptable teams, including contractors and permanent employees, to scale rapidly and compliantly.

Time Tracking

Efficiently monitor contractor hours and get real-time insights into work hours, aiding in transparent and fair compensation.

Automated Payroll

Automate payroll calculations, tax withholdings, and other deductions to ensure precise and prompt compensation for your contractors, regardless of their location.

Hassle-Free Contract Signatures

Secure and expedite contract signing, ensuring contractor onboarding occurs smoothly and contracts are legally airtight.

Streamline Contractor Management With Gloroots

Employee onboarding

Contractor onboarding in six-clicks

Complete contractor onboarding in 6 clicks
Use our dashboard for a comprehensive view of each contractor’s onboarding status, with options to pause, resume processes and modify employment details as needed.
Global payroll

Global payroll processing

Our international payroll team processes payroll  in over 140 countries, ensuring accurate calculations and compliance.

Manage multiple pay cycles and currencies effortlessly. Simplify  invoicing for contractor salaries, taxes, and benefits.
Manage contractors

Full visibility and compliance

Stay informed with detailed reports on employment expenses, tax deductions, social security contributions, and more.

Our compliance-first approach means every contract and payroll process is legally sound and up to date with local laws.

Why choose Gloroots?

Transparency in Operations

We believe in clear and transparent operations. Our reports provide a complete overview of all employment expenses

Multi-Currency Payroll

Our commitment to precision and transparency in payroll ensures a reliable global payroll experience, simplifying international payments across currencies.

Compliance with Confidence

Navigating international employment laws is complex, but we make it straightforward. From contract creation to compliant benefits packages, we've got it covered.

A Unified Platform

Global hiring is complex, but Gloroots simplifies it by centralizing all processes onto one platform. Experience hassle-free global hiring with just a few clicks.

Ready to take your hiring global? Let’s talk. Our experts have got you covered. 

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All your doubts, answered.

Can Gloroots handle the legal complexities of hiring in multiple countries?

Absolutely. We ensure that your hiring processes are compliant with local labor laws, making international hiring seamless and stress-free.

How does Gloroots manage international payroll efficiently?

No, EOR solutions are suitable for both multinational corporations (MNCs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EOR provides global employment solutions regardless of the size of the client.

What makes Gloroots stand out in managing global contractors?

Our platform scales seamlessly to your needs, from a single contractor to hundreds, ensuring compliance and simplifying contract creation and payroll processes.