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Benefits of hiring contractors in foreign countries

Cost Savings

Cut down on FTE expenses, save overheads, and meet your financial goals by hiring contractors overseas.


Scale your team up or down, engage contractors in multiple projects, and convert them to FTEs to meet your business goals.


Build a diverse team of international contractors, boost opportunities for cultural exchange, access multiple skills,  and collaborate better.

24/7 operations

Cover multiple time zones and operate with international contractors even when your home country FTEs are fast asleep.

Our Hiring Process


Onboard contractors

Complete hiring international contractors by inviting them to the Gloroots platform.

Sign contracts

Generate automated contracts in a few clicks for compliant contractor hiring.

Make payments on time

Pay your international contractors in multiple currencies with a single transaction. 

Simplify hiring with Gloroots

Automate contract generation and hire international contractors faster

  • A 6-click automated process to contract generation
  • ️A single dashboard view to check contractors’ onboarding status
  • Sort and organize contractor list by joining date or onboarding status using filters

Save time with our single-click automatic payroll system

  • Sum up all contractor expenses in a single automated invoice
  • Make timely multi-currency payments to your international contractors with a single transaction
  • Enjoy optimal exchange rates

Get full visibility into how we use your resources with our monthly reports

  • Know employer liabilities - tax deductions and social security contributions.
  • Find out the FX Rate we use to pay contractors in their local currencies
  • Get a detailed breakdown of EOR fees expressed in $$.

Why Gloroots?

Lightning/ Super fast onboarding

Set up your onboarding process in no time. Generate contracts, add and remove employees, and get a full dashboard view of your onboarding status - all automated.

Maximum global coverage

Hire international contractors in more than 140 countries without any roadblocks. Get the best talents for your company.

Compliance expertise

Get your contractor’s documentation right and adhere to the local laws of every country without any compliance research.

Best deal

Receive the best EOR services at affordable prices without any hidden costs. No set-up fees and unlimited contractor hiring at no extra cost.

Ready to take your hiring global? Let’s talk. Our experts have got you covered. 

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All your doubts, answered.

How many payment methods does Gloroots support?

Gloroots accepts payments via cards, ACH, wire, and crypto.

Can I hire contractors in Canada?

Gloroots can help you build a team of international contractors across 140+ countries, including Canada. Our EOR services enable hiring international contractors effortlessly.

Does Gloroots support multi-currency payments to international contractors?

Gloroots manages all your multi-currency payments. You just need to make one transaction per payment cycle in your home currency. Our cross-border payment partners make timely payments to contractors in their local currencies.