Employer of Record Services

We make hiring and paying talent in over 140+ countries simple, safe and compliant.  Choose Gloroots as your EOR partner for transparent hiring, multi-currency payrolling and a six-click onboarding process.
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Employer of Record Services
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Benefits of using an EOR Platform

Hire globaly with no boundaries

Hire employees anywhere, with ease. Build your talent pool worldwide as you see fit for your business without the constraints of setting up legal entities, hiring payroll experts, working with visa vendors, etc. 

Pay your employees, anytime, anywhere

Pay talent in 140+ countries without the complexities of global payroll, such as dealing with multiple currencies, high conversion charges, and multiple payroll vendors, delayed payments.

Offer benefits in a compliant manner

Offer employee benefits in accordance with local labor laws. Our global benefits management guarantees employee satisfaction and legal compliance, ensuring smooth worldwide operations.

Create compliant employment contracts

Our in-house compliance experts ensure employment contracts adhere to changing regional laws, saving you several thousand dollars in legal consultation fees and any manual oversight.

Features of Gloroots EOR Solution

Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding in six-clicks

Gloroots transforms employee onboarding into a mere six-click journey. On our employee onboarding dashboard, you can pause and resume onboarding, and remove employees as your hiring plans change.
Our dashboard offers a 360-degree view of each employee’s onboarding journey. You can also sort by joining dates or status, ensuring you're always ahead.
Global payroll

Global payroll processing

Our system effortlessly manages multi-pay cycles, local currencies, and foreign exchanges, offering simplified invoicing options for your global team’s salary, taxes, and benefits. Our experts also ensure variable pay components like bonuses and commissions, are properly accounted for in the corresponding pay cycle.
Manage contractors

Manage contractors at scale

Whether you're dealing with one contractor or a hundred, our platform scales to your needs, ensuring a hassle-free management process.  We handle the complexities of global compliance, ensuring each contractor meets local employment laws. 

Why choose Gloroots?

We lead with transparency

We ensure transparency in employee expenses. Our reports track everything from tax deductions to EOR fees, offering fixed and transparent pricing for easy global salary budgeting.

We offer multi-currency payroll

Our focus on payroll precision and transparency makes us a reliable global payroll partner. We simplify payments for all types of employees and provide detailed reports on expenses and deductions.

Confidently hire with compliance

Navigating international employment laws is complex, but our team ensures your contracts are legally sound and compliant. We also provide guidance for challenging situations like employee termination.

Unified platform

Hiring can be complex, even domestically. Gloroots centralizes hiring, payroll, and insurance on a single platform, simplifying onboarding, invoice payments, and visa requests with just a few clicks.

Ready to take your hiring global? Let’s talk. Our experts have got you covered. 

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All your doubts, answered.

What are the advantages of choosing an EOR over setting up a local entity?

An EOR enables you to hire local talent in under a day, by eliminating the need to set up an entity and by taking care of all the paper work pertaining to compliance with local employment laws. However, setting up an entity can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and cost you several thousand dollars. EORs make better (business & financial) sense, particularly, when you want to test a new market for hiring and expansion.  EORs also take care of payroll and benefits administration, proving more cost-effective and efficient than establishing a local entity or managing hiring and payroll in-house.

Is Employer of Record (EOR) Only Suitable for Large Companies?

No, EOR solutions are suitable for both multinational corporations (MNCs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EOR provides global employment solutions regardless of the size of the client.

Does Gloroots support multi-currency payments?

WIth Gloroots, you can pay your employees in multiple currencies. You just need to make one transaction per payment cycle in your home currency. Our cross-border payment partners make timely payments to employees, freelancers and contractors in their local currencies.