What do you need to know about PEO Health Insurance?


Navigating the world of employee insurance laws is more crucial than ever. A misstep in compliance can unleash a wave of penalties, impacting your finances and reputation. 

Surprisingly, even a small violation, like not following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules in the US, could cost you upwards of $60,000. These rules are dynamic and ever-changing, making knowledge your ultimate armor.

Welcome to the realm where understanding penalties for benefits non-compliance is your guiding light. It's not just about avoiding fines; it's about protecting your business from the unravelling threads of efficiency and trust. As we explore the intricacies of global employee benefits, a critical truth emerges: the price of non-compliance is more than financial. Your business's essence is on the line.

This article will explore everything you need to know about PEO Health Insurance and how to take the right steps to avoid penalties.

What is PEO Insurance? 

PEO Insurance, or Professional Employer Organization Insurance, is a solution that empowers businesses to navigate the complex landscape of employee benefits and insurance with finesse. It involves partnering with a PEO, which effectively becomes the sponsor of a healthcare plan. This partnership grants access to a larger pool of employees, enabling the PEO to secure top-notch insurance plans at more affordable premiums.

For instance, consider a PEO with ten client companies, each having ten employees. This collective pool of 100 employees enables the PEO to negotiate better rates with insurers, resulting in cost savings for each individual business. PEO Insurance streamlines insurance administration and ensures compliance and risk mitigation on a broader scale.

Pros and Cons of PEO Health Insurance

In the fast-paced realm of global employment, PEO Health Insurance is a dynamic solution with advantages and challenges. Let's delve into the exciting benefits and potential pitfalls of embracing this innovative approach:


Better Price - PEO Health Insurance leverages the power of numbers to secure insurance plans at reduced costs. 

For instance, imagine a small business with 20 employees negotiating insurance rates. Now, picture a PEO representing 10 such businesses with a cumulative employee count of 200. The PEO's bargaining clout translates to substantial savings for each business, exemplifying the adage that strength lies in numbers.

Legal Compliance - Navigating the labyrinth of insurance regulations across borders can be overwhelming. PEO Health Insurance acts as a guiding light, ensuring compliance with complex laws. Consider a company venturing into an international market with unfamiliar insurance regulations. The PEO's expertise ensures that each employee's coverage meets the specific requirements, eliminating the headache of legal missteps.

Better Quality - With access to a larger pool of employees, PEO Health Insurance opens doors to higher quality plans that might otherwise be financially prohibitive for individual businesses. 

For instance, a startup aiming to offer robust health benefits to its staff can partner with a PEO. It allows them to access plans typically reserved for larger enterprises, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Risk Management - PEO Health Insurance acts as a safety net against unpredictable risks. By spreading risk across a broader employee base, the impact of claims is minimized. 

Picture a year of unexpectedly high medical claims hitting a small company hard. With PEO Health Insurance, the risk is shared, ensuring that no single business shoulders an unsustainable burden.


Limited Coverage Options - While PEO Health Insurance provides access to a range of plans, the options might be limited compared to a business sourcing insurance directly. 

For example, a company with specific coverage needs that the available PEO plans don't adequately address. In such cases, the one-size-fits-all nature of PEO insurance could pose a challenge.

Loss of Control Over the Process - Entrusting insurance management to a PEO means relinquishing some control. Consider a company accustomed to tailoring benefits packages according to its unique corporate culture. With PEO Health Insurance, this customization might be curtailed, potentially impacting the company's ability to attract and retain talent.

Legal Risks - While PEOs handle compliance adeptly, the ultimate responsibility still rests on the employer. 

Imagine a scenario where a PEO unknowingly misses a compliance update in a specific jurisdiction. Despite the PEO's involvement, the legal risk remains, reminding businesses to maintain vigilance even within the protective umbrella of PEO Health Insurance.

As you weigh these pros and cons, it's evident that PEO Health Insurance offers a compelling solution, but not without its trade-offs. 

With its cost-saving prowess, compliance prowess, and ability to elevate benefits quality, PEO Health Insurance presents an exciting avenue for businesses eager to embrace a holistic approach to employee well-being. Yet, the potential limitations and relinquishing of control necessitate careful consideration of individual business needs and priorities.

Navigating PEO Health Insurance Process: Partnering with Gloroots

There are two routes in health insurance: one where you go alone and the other guided by Gloroots. Let's discuss how the PEO Health Insurance partnership works and compare it to the do-it-yourself path, highlighting Gloroots' impact.

PEO Health Insurance Partnership with Gloroots

Step 1: PEO Selection of Plans 

Gloroots steps in as your guide to health insurance. Instead of navigating the intricacies yourself, Gloroots selects robust plans from top insurance carriers. These plans are extended to all businesses partnering with Gloroots. Your role? To offer these plans to your employees.

Step 2: Access to Enhanced Plans

Gloroots grants access to health plans for startups that smaller businesses might not qualify for. This advantage enhances your competitiveness in a competitive job market.

Step 3: Managed Plan with Expert Support

Managing health insurance can be complicated. Gloroots handles the entire process on your behalf. From renewals to open enrollment, we’ve got it covered. We advocate for your employees if any issues arise, ensuring a seamless experience.

Step 4: Annual Planning and Budgeting

Rising health insurance costs can interfere with your resource planning and budgeting. We can ease the burden with our experience in managing large group plans. We guide you through the annual planning process, minimizing surprises and ensuring a well-prepared budget.

What if you manage PEO Health Insurance alone? 

Now, let's explore the alternative - managing health insurance alone.

Step 1: Procurement Challenges

Sourcing insurance is challenging. There are limited options for small businesses. You can buy through a broker, carrier, or the open market, but your options are constrained.

Step 2: Limited Support

Education is crucial but often lacking when you go alone. There's limited support for your employees to make informed decisions, leaving them on their own to navigate issues.

Step 3: Unpredictable Changes

Changes in health insurance plans year to year can be unexpected. You won't know the costs until renewal time. This uncertainty affects both you and your employees.

Did you decide to switch from DIY to Gloroots insurance partnership? Connect with us.

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