Employer of Record for Startups

Gloroots provides comprehensive Employer of Record services for startups, easing global expansion with legal compliance, and simplifying international hiring, payroll, and contractor management to focus on growth.
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Employer of Record Services
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Why Startups Should Embrace EOR Platforms

International Expansion

Startups can rapidly enter new markets without establishing local entities, significantly reducing setup time and costs.

Access to Global Talent

Tap into a worldwide talent pool, hiring the best without geographical limitations, and manage a diverse team efficiently.

Payroll and Compliance

Manage global payroll effortlessly, ensuring compliance with local tax and employment laws across multiple jurisdictions.

Focus on Core Business

With EOR handling HR, legal, and administrative tasks, startups can concentrate on product development, marketing, and scaling their business.

Features Tailored for Startups

Employee onboarding

Adaptive Onboarding Process

Gloroots swiftly facilitates the onboarding process for international employees and contractors through flexible, compliant contracts.
Our platform actively adapts to the evolving needs of your startup, ensuring seamless integration and alignment with your dynamic growth trajectory.
Global payroll

Streamlined Multi-Currency Payroll

Gloroots simplifies the complexities of managing finances across borders with our advanced multi-currency payroll system.

Startups can execute global payments effortlessly, eliminating the hassle of currency conversions and enabling streamlined financial operations in diverse markets.
Manage contractors

Legal and HR Compliance

Gloroots remains at the forefront of international labor laws, providing startups with comprehensive support to ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

By actively monitoring regulatory changes and updates, we mitigate the risk of legal complications and fines, safeguarding the integrity of your operations.

Why choose Gloroots?

Startup-Centric Approach

Our solutions are designed with the agility and flexibility that startups require, supporting rapid growth and change.

Cost-Effective Global Expansion

Reduce the overheads and complexities associated with international expansion, making global reach more accessible for startups.

Reliable Compliance and Support

Benefit from our expertise in international employment laws, ensuring your startup remains compliant in every market.

Seamless Integration

Our platform integrates smoothly with existing startup tools and systems, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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All your doubts, answered.

How does Gloroots facilitate international expansion for startups?

Gloroots allows startups to enter new markets swiftly without establishing local entities, thus reducing setup time and costs associated with global expansion.

What tasks does Gloroots handle for startups, allowing them to focus on core business activities?

Gloroots handles HR, legal, and administrative tasks for startups, enabling them to concentrate on product development, marketing, and scaling their business.

What features does Gloroots offer specifically tailored for startups?

Gloroots provides features such as adaptive contracting and onboarding, multi-currency payroll processing, legal and HR compliance, and real-time reporting, all designed to meet the unique needs of startups.