Deel vs. Remote vs. Oyster HR: Finding the best EOR solution

Mayank Bhutoria

Deel, Remote, Oyster HR—all promise a seamless global hiring experience. 

However, to determine which solution best suits your organization’s needs, you must evaluate its positives and negatives, compare reviews, and navigate unclear pricing structures with hidden costs. Understanding user challenges across these platforms is key to making a well-informed choice.

In this blog, we dive deep into Deel, Remote, and Oyster HR, comparing their features, pricing, and respective pros and cons based on user reviews on G2.

Let’s begin by noting the key factors to compare:

  • Effortless workforce management- Easy team management features, real-time project oversight, and user-friendly interface.
  • Accurate payrolls- Timely payments and 100% compliance across countries, tailored benefits.
  • Simplified contractor management- Smooth onboarding, transparent tracking, seamless integration with existing tech.
  • Responsive customer support- Timely assistance, global employment expertise.
  • Scalability- Flexibility and customization options that enable future expansion.
  • Affordable pricing- No hidden charges and transparent structure.

What is Deel?

Deel is a global HR platform that helps companies hire and manage a workforce across multiple countries ensuring compliance, faster onboarding, and hassle-free international operations. It gives a complete overview of the entire workforce on a simple platform. 


What do users like about Deel? 

According to G2, here’s what users like about Deel:

  1. Timely Payments: Users appreciate Deel's commitment to timely payments, reducing financial uncertainty for freelancers and remote workers.
  2. Currency Conversion Transparency: Deel's daily updates of conversion rates and transparent payment processes eliminate concerns about currency fluctuations.
  3. Versatile Payment Options: Users value wide payment options provided by Deel to simplify regular bi-monthly salaries and one-time expenses.

What do users dislike about Deel?

According to G2, here’s what users dislike about Deel:

  1. Poor Customer Support: The customer support is slow and patchy. Users would love to have more information rather than contacting the support team multiple times. 
  2. Limited Flexibility and Customization Options: Users complain about the limited perks, rewards, payment flexibility, and the limited customization options in the contracts and reporting section.
  3. High International Transfer Fees: Deel lacks Swift fee-free international transfers, leading to unpredictable processing fees and frequent transaction charges when converting between local currencies. 
  4. Lack of Tax Guidance: Deel could enhance its value proposition by incorporating tax-related guidance for contractors working with external companies


What is Remote?

Remote.com simplifies global HR complexities by offering global hiring services, including multi-currency payroll and expert consultations for remote work compliance. Its key features encompass centralizing HR data, providing diverse payroll solutions, and ensuring tax and equity management to avoid legal issues.


What do users like about Remote? 

According to G2, here’s what users like about Remote:

  1. Efficiency and Expertise: Users appreciate Remote's digital offerings and legal expertise, ensuring they can achieve the desired results.
  2. Intuitive Platform: Users find Remote's platform intuitive and easy to use, simplifying navigation and doubt resolution.
  3. Centralized Employment Details: Users benefit from having all their employment details, documents, payslips, and vacation tracking centralized in one system and a streamlined uploading and viewing process.

What do users dislike about Remote?

According to G2, here’s what users dislike about Remote:

  1. Bare Minimum Benefits: A G2 reviewer mentioned that Remote offers the minimum benefits legally required in the country. If an employer wants to offer more benefits to its employees, Remote cannot support it. Users dislike the lack of customization of benefits available. 
  2. Complicated Time Off Update: As a user mentions on G2, the vacation system is primitive. It works only when integrated with the back-end tool the employer uses. So, users have to report time off in two separate systems.
  3. Offboarding Challenges: A few users experienced unexpected delays and complications in Remote’s offboarding process. Also, the support team takes an exceedingly long time to address queries and issues.
  4. Compliance Issues in Poland: Remote’s users in Poland faced inadequate contract support, language issues, compliance gaps in labor laws, and unreliable partner services.

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What is Oyster HR?

Oyster HR is an automated platform equipped to manage diverse employment tasks globally. Its EOR services facilitate international talent acquisition, and the SaaS platform ensures seamless onboarding and time-off management.


What do users like about Oyster HR?

According to G2, here’s what users like about Oyster HR:

  1. Automated Hiring and Onboarding: Users like Oyster's quick, automated processes, reducing time-to-hire and streamlined onboarding.
  2. Smooth Payments: Oyster HR simplifies international remote worker compensation, ensuring compliant payrolls.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Oyster offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI.

What do users dislike about Oyster HR?

According to G2, here’s what users dislike about Oyster HR:

  1. Poor Customer Support: Multiple users faced sluggish responses and long wait times to resolve issues. Oyster lacks on-call support, resulting in many back-and-forth emails and frustration among users.
  2. Invoicing Mishaps: Many users complain about incorrect payrolls, wrongly allocated taxes, limited visibility into payment transactions, difficulty in editing invoices, and strict timelines to approve the same.
  3. Missing Local Features: Oyster's absence of a global calendar to track local holidays and benefits impairs employee management. 
  4. Indian Labor Law Limitations: Users dislike Oyster's inability to support NPS deductions and comprehensive rights for hiring Indian talent.

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Gloroots - A Better Alternative to Deel, Remote, Oyster HR

While Deel, Remote, and Oyster offer Employer of Record (EOR) services and contractor management, there's a superior alternative to take care of all your international hiring needs. Let’s explore the comprehensive Gloroots EOR solutions.

Gloroots is the one-stop solution for all your global hiring needs. The platform enables hiring in 140+ countries without establishing a permanent entity. Further, Gloroots ensures 100% compliance, offers tailored benefits and manages payroll seamlessly. 


Let’s examine why Gloroots stands out as a better investment when comparing Deel vs. Remote vs. Oyster:

Workforce Management: Gloroots offers comprehensive EOR services, handling all aspects of employee management, from payroll to HR, for seamless global operations. 

Gloroots’ EOR services are designed to align with your business objectives. Unique features like tracking onboarding stages, customization of bonus frequencies, customizable reporting, etc., give you a granular understanding of your international operations, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Contractor Management: Experience lightning-fast onboarding with a 6-click automated process for contract generation. Sort and organize contractor lists using filters and monitor onboarding statuses effortlessly on your dashboard. Moreover, Gloroots provides smooth, compliant, and streamlined offboarding.

Automated Payrolls: Consistent, timely, single-click payments, clear contractor invoices, and easy management of leaves and reimbursements—all in one platform. Gloroots simplifies cross-border payments with multi-currency support, ensuring contractors receive payments in their preferred currencies. Pay easily with cards, ACH, wire, or Crypto in a single transaction and enjoy optimal exchange rates.

Benefits Administration: Gloroots offers country-specific insurance coverage and customized employee benefits. Get your remote teams up and running with global laptop deliveries quickly.

Transparency Through Reporting: Gain complete clarity with Gloroots' monthly reports detailing resource usage, foreign exchange rates, employer liability, and EOR fee breakdown.

100% Compliance Assurance: Dive into local compliance details supported by Gloroots' expert guidance, covering legal mandates, tax payments, and cultural responsibilities seamlessly.



Pricing: Gloroots is a cost-effective solution without hidden fees or binding commitments, offering the flexibility your scaling business needs.

Try Gloroots’ EOR solution for business expansion

By offering a balanced, efficient, and outcome-focused solution, Gloroots emerges as the go-to platform, delivering on areas where Deel, Remote, or Oyster might falter. Simplify global HR operations with a transparent and reasonable pricing model that facilitates team expansion without sacrificing flexibility, effectiveness, or other key features.

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