Top 8 Remote Alternatives and Competitors (Updated 2024)

Mayank Bhutoria

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Are you overwhelmed with hiring international employees due to different taxes and compliance aspects? 

Remote.com ticks off most of your requirements, like tax filing, payroll management, compliance, hiring, and onboarding. However, there are a few drawbacks to Remote.com based on its customer reviews. 

Why should you look for a Remote alternative?

Image - only headings - offer bare min. Benefits, updating time off is complex and so on. 

Offers bare minimum benefits

For example, one G2 reviewer mentioned that Remote offers the minimum benefits legally required in the country. If an employer wants to offer more benefits to its employees, Remote cannot support it.

Updating time off is complex

As a user mentions on G2, the vacation system is primitive. It works only when integrated with the back-end tool the employer uses. So, users have to report time off in two separate systems.

Offboarding takes a long time

According to another G2 user, there are unexpected delays in Remote’s offboarding process. Also, the team takes days to address queries and issues.

Error-prone reviews

Even if the company approves expenses, Remote reviews every expense entered and sometimes mistakenly denies expenses for no reason. This may result in payment delays. 

So, now that you’re aware of some of the tool's drawbacks, you might want to consider other Remote.com alternatives. This article will discuss the top Remote alternatives with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. 


Top 8 Remote alternatives

Let’s look at the top Remote alternatives. 

1. Gloroots


Gloroots is the best Remote alternative chosen by hundreds of businesses that hire globally. It has made global payments easy. Gloroots is the one-stop solution for all your global hiring needs, from global hiring to payroll management to contractor management. 


  • Faster onboarding with automated contract generation in just a few clicks
  • Gloroots helps you hire in 140+ countries without any compliance hassle.
  • It offers a single dashboard to track onboarding progress across countries and can manage employment contracts, leaves, and payouts. You can track onboarding progress across countries. 
  • The global payroll feature helps automate the payroll, tracks and manages leaves, and clears invoices in just one click. 
  • Its contractor management feature allows you to hire global contracts anywhere, anytime. 
  • It offers faster and 100% compliant onboarding.
  • It offers multi-currency payments and crypto pay-ins and payouts.
  • Gloroots sends monthly reports detailing employer liabilities, EOR fee breakdown, and FX rates used to maintain transparency.


  • 100% compliance with local rules and regulations
  • Supports multi-currency and crypto payments
  • Offers country-specific insurance coverage and customized employee benefits
  • Offers global laptop deliveries to get teams up and running in no time
  • Maintains transparency
  • 24/7 customer support


It may take some time for users to learn to use the platform. However, Gloroots offers 24/7 assistance. 


  • For contractors, the pay starts at USD 29 per contractor per month. 
  • The rate to hire employees starts at USD 299 per employee per month. 


2. Oyster


Oyster is a global EOR and an alternative to Remote that helps to find, hire, engage, and retain top talents globally. It has a reliable and compliant payroll and offers excellent perks and benefits to keep a distributed workforce happy and loyal.


  • Multi-currency payments
  • The tool can map payroll data from different sources in different formats. 
  • Offer standard governance processes for workflows across various countries
  • Templates and workflows for internal policies and global payrolls
  • Integration with existing CRM and HR software solutions


  • Active and knowledgeable customer support
  • Smooth onboarding 


  • There is a strict timeline for approving invoices. The waiting time for clarification of doubts is more than the time given for invoice approval. 
  • Complex invoicing system.
  • Some features have bugs. 
  • The pricing model can get expensive as your team expands and you hire more employees.


  • Starts at USD 29 per month for hiring contractors. 
  • For hiring employees, the price starts at USD 499 per month. 
  • Custom pricing for scaling businesses

3. Multiplier 


Multiplier is an EOR platform and one of the Remote alternatives that handles distributed teams' payroll, taxes, and social contributions. It allows employers to hire globally, and the tool covers the compliance requirements. It is a one-stop solution for onboarding, paying, and managing the payroll of global teams.


  • Compliant global hiring
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Offers localized and homogenous benefits
  • Easy to manage leaves and expenses


  • Freelancers and contractors can send invoices to the tool, manage their timesheets and other details, and get paid directly. 
  • Responsive support team
  • Helps hire the right talents across the globe
  • Maintains local holidays and financial regulations


  • It delays employee payments, so employees may miss out on receiving timely salaries. 
  • The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) premium is not specified or transparent. 
  • The time sheet is complicated and takes time to complete. 
  • The system lacks transparency 


  • Pricing starts at USD 40 per month for freelancers
  • USD 400 per month for onboarding full-time employees
  • Custom pricing for global payroll and immigration

4. Deel


Deel is an HR platform for teams that hire globally. A popular Remote alternative HR platform, Deel offers end-to-end HR management in minutes. It gives a complete overview of the entire workforce on a simple platform. 


  • Deel supports running a global payroll.
  • It allows anyone on the platform to view and update the entire team structure. 
  • It helps over 12000 employees to get paid from anywhere. 


  • Ensures timely payment. 
  • Updates the daily conversion rates so you can see the updated rate every time
  • Easy fund transfer to a Deel card, helping you purchase directly with the card without transferring the money to your bank
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface


  • Transferring payment from the Deel account to your bank may take time, depending on when you initiate the transfer. 
  • Currently, it has Swift fees and international transfer fees.
  • The perks keep changing from time to time. 


  • For hiring contractors - USD 49 for one contractor per month. 
  • For hiring full-time employees - USD 599 per employee per month
  • For immigration - Custom pricing

5. Papaya Global 

Papaya Global

Papaya Global, a Remote alternative, offers global payroll solutions. The tool is known for its automated services, visibility, speed, and flexibility, which finance teams need to manage the workforce efficiently. The tool helps connect the dots of global payroll, unifies the data streams, and integrates with major HCM and ERP tools. 


  • It helps run global payroll with ease.
  • It can consolidate data from various sources and map payroll data in various formats.
  • It provides handy documents and templates with country-specific compliances.


  • Supports multi-currency payroll
  • Easy employee onboarding
  • Responsive customer support


  • Portal access is challenging
  • The invoices are not always as detailed
  • Updating employee details is cumbersome 


  • EOR - USD 650 per employee per month. 
  • Contractor management - USD 2 per contractor per month. 
  • Global expertise services - USD 190 per employee per month.

6. Rippling


Rippling is a modern HR tool alternative to Remote.com that takes care of your payroll and HR benefits. It brings all the aspects of workforce management under a single umbrella — from payroll expenses to benefits and computers. The tool enables you to automate every aspect of an employee's lifecycle. It lets you hire anywhere in the world while being compliant. 


  • Manage HR, IT, and finance from a single platform
  • Hire, pay, and manage employees from a single platform


  • Easy storing of necessary documents
  • Review team’s training and assign new employees the relevant training and courses with all the key information.
  • The SSO functionality lets you route all the other tech tools to make everything available on one platform


  • Sending hardware can be delayed, impacting the employees' productivity, especially for a fast-growing team.
  • Verification can be a challenge. The "help" articles are not resourceful; hence, getting an employee up and running in a fast-paced team takes time. 


Starts USD 8 a month per user. 

7. Gusto


Gusto is a popular Remote alternative that helps growing businesses manage their HR operations. It helps you to stay compliant by automatically doing the tax calculations for different states. Gusto offers affordable employee benefits as the health insurance administration is free.


  • It helps to improve payroll payments and automate repetitive tasks.
  • It streamlines operations and thus boosts performance.
  • It lets you hire top talents globally.
  • It provides multiple benefits to employees.


  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Automated tax reporting
  • It comes with a savings account, which is handy for employees


  • The platform has a per-person pricing, which many companies find expensive.
  • It does not include any billing or accounts receivable features.
  • It doesn't have an in-built document signing feature. One needs to use a third-party tool to sign any documents digitally. 


  • Simple - USD 40 per month
  • Plus - USD 80 per month 
  • Premium - Custom pricing

8. Plane

Plane is a Remote alternative that helps manage payrolls, benefits, and compliance in global teams for US-based companies hiring local and international employees and contractors. 


  • Send payments to employees and contractors across countries with no markup fees. 
  • The tool tracks time, attendance, time offs, schedules, and all other workforce-related information. 
  • Ensures compliance standards are met through tracking and reporting. 


  • Secure and easy-to-navigate website
  • Employees can receive payments directly into their bank accounts in their local currencies. 
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Knowledgeable customer support


  • The tool doesn't support such options if an employee wishes to receive 50% of the payroll in one account and 50% in another.
  • The tool doesn't support different language options.
  • The absence of a mobile application limits access on the go. 


  • US employees - USD 19 per employee per month
  • International contractors - USD 39 per contractor per month
  • International employees - USD 499 per employee per month

Is Remote worth your investment?

Remote.com, though popular, has several drawbacks, given its high-end pricing structure. So, if you want to rethink the EOR platform you use, explore our list of the best Remote alternatives.

Now that you have a detailed understanding of the top Remote alternatives, you must have a fair idea of what’s best for you. 

Gloroots is a one-stop solution for everything related to global hiring. Be it faster onboarding, timely payments, compliance, or customer support, the platform has everything you need to expand your team globally. 

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