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Breaking Boundaries: List of Top 10 Countries for International Remote Hiring

Discover the top 10 countries to hire international remote workers with our comprehensive eBook. Learn about the best locations to source global talent, taking into account key factors.
Breaking Boundaries: List of Top 10 Countries for International Remote Hiring
Written by
Mayank Bhutoria,
June 11, 2024

Key Takeaways

Remember the days of being chained to a physical office, with your talent pool limited by location? Those days are as outdated as a fax machine. The remote revolution is here, and it's powered by technology's boundless reach and a workforce craving flexibility and freedom, making the entire globe yours.

But how do you know the best countries to hire remote workers from? With countless countries boasting remote talent, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. To make the best decision, you must consider many factors, such as the country's legal and regulatory environment, economic stability, and cultural compatibility. Failing to do your homework can leave you with a mismatched team, legal headaches, or communication challenges.  

We’ve created this guide to help you make informed decisions while navigating the complex world of international remote hiring. Here, you will discover the top 10 countries teeming with highly skilled remote professionals, each presenting distinctive advantages and considerations.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers from Other Countries

Access to a Wider Talent Pool

One of the primary advantages of hiring remote workers internationally is access to an extensive and diverse talent pool. Different countries boast unique skill sets, cultural perspectives, and approaches to problem-solving. This diversity can significantly enhance your team's creativity and innovation, providing fresh perspectives that may not be readily available within your domestic talent pool.

Reduced Costs

Remote hiring allows for cost-effective solutions, eliminating the expenses associated with relocating employees or setting up physical offices in different countries. Leveraging the wage discrepancies between countries can also lead to significant cost savings, making it an economically sound choice for companies looking to optimize their budgets while acquiring top-tier talent. Taking relocation assistance out of Nortel's benefits package and allowing remote work saved the company $100,000 per employee.

Increased Productivity and Innovation

With teams distributed across different time zones, international remote hiring enables around-the-clock productivity. This 24x7 work cycle ensures that tasks progress seamlessly, with team members handing off work to colleagues in different time zones. This accelerates project timelines and fosters a continuous innovation cycle, as the work is always in motion. It is estimated that 77% of working professionals are more productive when they work remotely than in an office setting.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Offering remote work opportunities in various countries can significantly boost employee satisfaction. The flexibility to work from home or choose a location of their preference enhances work-life balance, contributing to higher morale and job satisfaction. This, in turn, positively impacts employee retention rates, saving companies from the costs associated with frequent turnover. Working remotely can boost employee happiness by up to 20%.

The Best Countries to Hire Remote Workers

As businesses increasingly embrace remote work arrangements, identifying and understanding the top countries conducive to remote work becomes paramount. Gloroots has developed a Global Remote Work Readiness Index to address this need, providing a comprehensive ranking of countries based on various factors essential for remote work success. Let's explore the 10 best countries for remote workers from the list:

USA Diverse Culture with Various Influences, Emphasis on Individualism & Direct Communication No Specific Federal Regulations for Remote Work, But State Laws May Vary Several Visa Options Available for Remote Workers, Including L-1 For Intra-Company Transfers & H-1b for Specialty Occupations Strong Work Ethic with A Focus on Results & Productivity Federal & State Laws Govern Employment Federal & State Taxes Apply Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Professional Services, Manufacturing USA
CANADA Multicultural, Diverse, Emphasis on Inclusivity & Social Justice, English & French Official Languages No Significant Barriers for Foreign Companies to Hire Remote Employees, Provincial Variations International Experience Canada (IEC), Global Talent Stream (GTS), & Others Strong Work Ethic, Professional, Prioritize Work-Life Balance Provincial Variations, Cover Minimum Wage, Overtime, Vacation Time, & Benefits Employers Responsible for Withholding Taxes from Employee Salaries Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Natural Resources Canada
SWEDEN Innovative, Egalitarian, & Design-Focused Society with Strong Work-Life Balance Emphasis Supportive of Remote Work, But Visa Requirements Apply Depending on Nationality & Work Type Knowledge Worker Visa, Freelancer Visa, & Intra-Company Transfer Visas Available Strong Work Ethic, But Prioritize Work-Life Balance Strict Regulations Regarding Termination, Working Hours, & Benefits Complex Tax System for Both Employers & Employees Fintech, ICT, Automation, Motor Vehicles, Telecommunications, Life Sciences Sweden
FINLAND Emphasis On Equality, Personal Space, & Respect for Nature Value Direct Communication & Efficiency Encourages Remote Work with Supportive Regulations Employees Have the Right to Request Remote Work Arrangements Non-EU Citizens May Need Specific Visas Depending on The Work Nature & Duration Highly Dedicated & Efficient, Valuing Punctuality & Professionalism Strict Regulations Regarding Labor Laws, Including Minimum Wage, Working Hours, & Paid Leave Regulations Both Employers & Employees Have Tax Obligations for Remote Work Arrangements Consult Tax Advisors For Details Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Engineering & Manufacturing, Cleantech & Sustainability, Education & Healthcare Finland
GERMANY Emphasis on Efficiency, Punctuality, & Direct Communication Evolving Regulations, Employers Need to Comply with Labor Laws & Social Security Obligations EU/EEA Citizens Can Work Freely, Others May Need Specific Visas Depending on Work Arrangement & Duration Punctuality, Reliability, Dedication Valued, Prepared for Long Hours When Necessary Comprehensive & Employee-Friendly, Covering Minimum Wage, Working Hours, Vacation Time, Parental Leave Understand Obligations for Employers & Employees to Ensure Compliance Automotive, Engineering, Healthcare, IT, Renewable Energy, Highly Educated Workforce with Expertise in Various Fields Germany
DENMARK Emphasizes Work-Life Balance, Teamwork, Consensus Building, English Widely Spoken Encourages Flexible Work Arrangements, Regulations Vary Depending on Contract/Industry Various Options Including Green Card Scheme for Highly Skilled Professionals Strong Work Ethic, Dedication, Prioritize Personal Time/Leisure Strict Laws Including Minimum Wage Requirements, Paid Leave, Termination Procedures Remote Workers May Be Subject to Danish Income Taxes Depending on Residency & Work Arrangements Wind Energy, Life Sciences, IT & Software, Design & Innovation Denmark
ESTONIA Rich Culture & History, Official Language Estonian (English, Russian, Finnish Also Spoken) Flexible Country for Remote Work, No Specific Regulations, Compliance with General Labor Laws Required EU/Schengen Citizens Can Work Without Visa, Non-EU Citizens May Need Work Visa Hardworking, Dedicated, Independent, & Self-Reliant Protect Worker Rights, Including Minimum Wage, Overtime, Vacation, Sick Leave 20% Income Tax for Remote Workers ICT, Finance, Business Services, Life Sciences, E-Commerce, Wholesale & Retail, Transport, Accommodation & Food Services, Public Administration Estonia
UNITED KINGDOM Rich History & Diverse Culture, known for its Arts, Music, Literature, & Traditions Favorable Towards Remote Work, with Regulations Promoting Flexibility & Employee Well-Being Various Visa Options Exist for Remote Workers, Depending on Nationality & Duration of Stay Strong Work Ethic, Value Professionalism & Reliability Strict Regulations for Contracts, Working Hours, Vacation Leave, & Other Aspects Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) System for Income Taxes & Social Security Contributions Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Creative Industries United Kingdom

How to hire international remote employees using EORs

As companies explore the vast pool of international professionals, they will have to navigate complex legal and compliance landscapes. This is where Employer of Record (EOR) services emerge as a valuable solution for companies looking to hire international employees seamlessly. Employer of Record (EOR) services serve as a bridge between companies and international talent, offering a comprehensive solution for managing legal and compliance matters associated with hiring employees in foreign jurisdictions.

Essentially, an EOR acts as the official employer for tax and legal purposes, assuming responsibility for payroll, benefits, and other administrative tasks while the company retains full operational control over the employee's work. Leading EORs go the extra mile by offering enhanced support to global employers, exemplified by services such as Gloroots' Global Salary Calculator. This tool facilitates precise salary determination based on location and designation, offering median salary data for over 45 countries. It's invaluable for global expansion, enabling strategic planning and budgeting with insights into international pay scales.

Benefits of Using EORs

Compliance Assurance

Navigating global employment laws is challenging. Still, EOR services offer a structured framework for compliance with local regulations, mitigating legal risks, and ensuring a smoother onboarding process for international hires.

Seamless Onboarding

EOR providers facilitate seamless onboarding, crucial for new remote hires worldwide, by managing payroll and administrative tasks. This allows HR teams to focus on integrating new talent into the company's culture and workflow.

Global Payroll Management 

Dealing with payroll across borders is complex. EOR services simplify the process by centralizing payroll management and ensuring accurate and timely payments while adhering to local tax regulations.

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing employment responsibilities to an EOR provider enables companies to grow without the financial burden of establishing legal entities in multiple locations.


Are you ready to conquer your business's dreams of going global? Our curated list of the top 10 best countries to hire remote employees equips you with valuable insights to find the best talent for your specific needs. 

With a reliable EOR as your partner, international hiring can become easy. From helping you manage your remote workforce, automating the payroll process, and administering benefits to your employees while taking care of onboarding, offboarding, employee classification, compliance, and more, Gloroots will be your ally in making global hiring much simpler for you!

Let's build your global team together. Don't let geographical limitations hinder your growth. Embrace the possibilities of a diverse and skilled remote workforce with us, and watch your business thrive in the borderless world of work.

Head on to Gloroots’ country repository to learn more about everything you should know for hiring from 100+ countries. 

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