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The Czech Republic boasts a stable market economy with low unemployment rates, driven by a strong industry and services sector. Germany remains its key trading partner. In the Czech Republic, mastering employee leave policies is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. The Labor Code outlines clear guidelines on various types of leave, making it essential for employers, including those hiring employees from the Czech Republic or through an Employer of Record (EOR) in the Czech Republic, to understand these regulations to ensure compliance and cultivate a supportive work environment.

Annual Leave (Vacation)

  • Full-time private sector employees in the Czech Republic are entitled to 4 weeks (20 working days) of paid leave annually.
  • Public sector workers and employees in the Czech Republic in specific other fields are granted 5 weeks (25 days) of paid leave per year, while teachers are entitled to 8 weeks. Additional leave entitlements are specified in the employment contract or collective agreement.
  • Employees in the Czech Republic become eligible for leave after completing 60 days of service with a single employer. Employers may approve or deny leave requests based on business needs.
  • All leave should be utilized within the same year, but employees can request to carry over a portion of unused leave to the next calendar year. Carryover requests must be submitted in writing and approved in advance by the employer.

Public Holidays

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan 2024 Monday New Year’s Day
29 Mar 2024 Friday Good Friday
1 Apr 2024 Monday Easter Monday
1 May 2024 Wednesday May Day
8 May 2024 Wednesday Liberation Day
5 Jul 2024 Friday St Cyril and St Methodius Day
6 Jul 2024 Saturday Jan Hus Day
28 Sep 2024 Saturday Statehood Day
28 Oct 2024 Monday Independence Day
17 Nov 2024 Sunday Freedom and Democracy Day
24 Dec 2024 Tuesday Christmas Eve
25 Dec 2024 Wednesday Christmas Day
26 Dec 2024 Thursday 2nd Day of Christmas

Sick Days

Employers must cover the first 14 days of an employee's sickness. From the 15th day onwards, the government provides sick pay. The sick pay rate is 60% of the employee's average wage for the first 30 days (including the days covered by the employer), 66% from the 31st to the 60th day, and 72% from the 61st day onward. Employees can take up to 380 calendar days of sick leave in total.

Employers are required to collect sickness certificates from employees, maintain related records, and submit all necessary reports to the Social Security authorities.

Maternity Leave

A woman is entitled to 28 weeks of maternity leave (37 weeks for multiple births), with a mandatory minimum of 14 weeks. The leave can commence between eight weeks before the expected due date and no later than six weeks before.

Maternity pay begins with the start of maternity leave, calculated at 70% of the regular salary and provided by Social Security. This benefit is contingent upon the employee having worked at least 270 days in the past 24 months and the contributions made to Social Security.

Mothers have job protection from the start of pregnancy until one year after maternity leave ends.

Paternity Leave

  • New fathers, or those who adopt a child under seven in the Czech Republic, are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave. This leave is paid at 70% of the regular salary and must be taken within six weeks of the child's birth in one continuous block. Eligibility requires contributions to Social Security for at least 270 days in the previous two years.
  • Mothers can transfer part of their maternity leave to the father after the child is seven weeks old, with the father receiving parental pay during this period.
  • Employees in the Czech Republic are protected from termination during paternity leave.
  • Example: John, who recently became a father, takes his two-week paternity leave at 70% of his salary within six weeks of his child's birth. His wife, Sarah, transfers four weeks of her maternity leave to John once their baby is seven weeks old, allowing him to receive parental pay while taking care of the child.

Parental Leave

Parents can take parental leave in the Czech Republic until their child turns three years old, or four years old if the employer agrees. They receive a joint parental allowance for the entire leave period, regardless of its duration.

Other Leave

Depending on the terms of the collective agreement or employment contract, employees in the Czech Republic may be eligible for additional types of leave, as agreed upon with their employer:

  • Care Leave: Employees can take up to nine days of care leave to look after a child under 10 or a sick family member, with Social Security covering 60% of their gross salary. Single parents can extend this leave to 16 days until the child turns 16.
  • Long-term Care Leave: If a family member living with the employee is hospitalized for at least 7 days and requires care for 30 days or more, employees can take up to 90 days of long-term care leave. Social Security pays 60% of their gross salary, with the family member's written consent required.
  • Wedding Leave: Employees are entitled to 2 days of leave for their wedding, with one day paid.
  • Bereavement Leave: In the event of an immediate family member's death, employees can take up to three days of paid bereavement leave.
  • Jury Duty: Employers must provide unpaid leave for employees serving as jurors, witnesses, or parties in a court case. Employees must provide a jury summons as evidence.
  • Military Leave: Employees are entitled to leave for compulsory military service, substitute military service, military exercises, and civilian service duties.

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