Form W-8BEN

What is Form W-8BEN ?


Form W-8BEN, "Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting," is a crucial document for non-U.S. citizens or foreign entities receiving income from U.S. sources. This form serves several important purposes:

1. Tax Withholding: It's primarily used to declare an individual's or entity's non-resident status, which can affect how much tax is withheld from their U.S. income. Without this form, foreign individuals or entities might face a default tax withholding rate of 30% on their U.S. income.

2. Verification of Foreign Status: Form W-8BEN verifies that the individual or entity is a beneficial owner and not a U.S. person, which is essential for the payer or withholding agent to know how to handle withholding and reporting.

3. Tax Treaty Benefits: Many countries have tax treaties with the U.S. that allow residents to pay a reduced rate of tax on certain types of income received from U.S. sources. Form W-8BEN helps individuals claim these benefits, potentially lowering or eliminating U.S. withholding tax.

Who Needs to Complete Form W-8BEN?

  • Non-U.S. individuals (foreign individuals) receiving U.S. sourced income.
  • Entities should use Form W-8BEN-E instead.

Key Components of Form W-8BEN

  • Part I: Identification of Beneficial Owner, including the individual's name, country of citizenship, address, and Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • Part II: Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits, where the individual specifies the country of residence and the applicable article of the tax treaty they are claiming.
  • Part III: Certification, where the individual certifies that the information provided is correct and that they are the beneficial owner of the income.

Updates to Form W-8BEN

The IRS periodically updates the form and its instructions, so it's crucial to use the most recent version. As of the latest update, individuals could fill out the form on behalf of someone else with proper authorization, and there were additional clarifications regarding the disclosure of jurisdictions and claiming tax treaty benefits.

Validity and Renewal

A completed Form W-8BEN is valid for three years. After this period, or if any information changes, a new form must be submitted.

When Not to Use Form W-8BEN

  • If you are a U.S. person (including a resident alien individual), use Form W-9.
  • If the beneficial owner is claiming that income is effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business (other than personal services), Form W-8ECI should be used.
  • For personal services performed in the U.S., Form 8233 or W-4 might be appropriate.

Where to Submit Form W-8BEN

Unlike most tax forms, Form W-8BEN is not submitted directly to the IRS. Instead, it's given to the withholding agent or payer of the U.S. source income, who retains the form and uses it to determine the correct amount of tax to withhold.