Deel vs Remote: A Detailed Comparison

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Navigating the landscape of global HR solutions can feel like traversing a minefield. You know the right software can skyrocket your revenue, but the wrong one can result in a waste of resources.

Deel and Remote are popular choices when it comes to global HR solutions. In this comprehensive article, we'll discuss Deel vs. Remote - their offerings, price, and feature-by-feature comparison. 

By the end of the blog, you'll have all the insights you need to make an informed decision that aligns with your organization's specific needs and goals.

Let’s begin!

What is Deel? 

Deel simplifies and streamlines various HR tasks, from hiring globally to management, while ensuring compliance with international laws. The platform focuses on the following key functionalities:

  1. Elimination of Hiring and Management Borders: Deel enables businesses to collaborate seamlessly, extending their reach to new opportunities.
  2. Quick Onboarding: With Deel, you can get your team up and running, providing necessities such as contracts and equipment.
  3. Efficient Payment System: Deel allows for the payment of employees and contractors with minimal clicks, eliminating unnecessary fees and hassle.
  4. Global-First HR Management: The platform is built with a global perspective, simplifying HR tasks for teams across different countries.
  5. Compliance Assurance: Deel takes the complexity out of understanding and complying with local laws abroad, making it a one-stop solution for global HR needs.

What is Remote? is a comprehensive Global HR Platform designed to simplify the complexities of managing a global workforce. The platform goes beyond traditional HR services to include resources for building remote culture and offers multi-currency support for payroll.

Here are its key features, broken down into four primary categories:

  1. HRIS (Human Resource Information System): Centralizes employee data and administrative tasks.
  2. International Employment & Management: Enables hiring across different countries, reducing geographical limitations.
  3. Run Payroll: Offers payroll solutions tailored for a global workforce, even accommodating local currencies.
  4. Manage Tax and Equity: Assists with tax compliance and equity distribution to avoid legal complications


What do users like about Deel? 

  1. Timely Payments: Users consistently appreciate Deel's commitment to making timely payments, reducing financial uncertainty for freelancers and remote workers.
  2. Currency Conversion Transparency: Deel's daily updates of conversion rates and transparent payment processes instill confidence in users, eliminating concerns about currency fluctuations.
  3. Ease of Fund Handling: The ability to transfer received funds to a Deel card simplifies income management and offers flexibility for purchases without bank transfers.
  4. Security Assurance: According to users, Deel's commitment to contractor security establishes clear payment timelines and safeguarding professional agreements.
  5. Flexible Financial Management: Users value the option to request advances and optimize withdrawal timings, streamlining personal financial management.
  6. Fair Pricing: Users find Deel's fair and reasonable pricing beneficial, especially for freelancers.

What do users dislike about Deel? 

  1. Tax Guidance: Some users suggest that Deel could enhance its value proposition by incorporating tax-related guidance for contractors working with external companies.
  2. Flexibility with Fees: Some users, especially those in less affluent countries, desire fee flexibility to enhance the platform's accessibility.
  3. Poor Customer Support: The customer support is slow and patchy. Users would love to have more information in hand rather than reaching out to the support team multiple times. 
  4. Reporting: The report section in Deel lacks customization and makes extracting specific data time-consuming. 

What do users like about Remote? 

  1. Efficiency and Expertise: Users appreciate Remote's digital offerings and legal expertise, ensuring they can achieve desired results with confidence in the support team's ability to solve questions.
  2. Intuitive Platform:'s platform is described as intuitive and complete, simplifying navigation and doubt resolution.
  3. Centralized Employment Details: Users benefit from having all their employment details, documents, and vacation tracking, centralized in one system, simplifying their work.
  4. Quick Problem Resolution: Any issues or questions are promptly resolved by Remote's customer service, contributing to a positive experience.

What do users dislike about Remote?

  1. Desire for More Personalization: Users desire a more personalized approach and closer engagement with users, especially considering rapidly changing policies and regulations.
  2. Need for Clarity in Onboarding: Users would like more transparency into the onboarding stages. Remote can improve the onboarding process by providing more detailed explanations of contracts, salaries, taxes, and how it works. 
  3. Faster Turnaround for Milestones: According to users, Remote should consider a  faster turnaround on key milestones to enhance user experience.

Gloroots - A better alternative for Deel & Remote 

While Deel and Remote often have been dominating the EOR conversation, there's a superior alternative you should know about—Gloroots

Deel and Remote are strong contenders in areas like Employer of Record (EOR) services and contractor management. However, Gloroots meets the nuanced needs of modern businesses. 


Below, we'll delve into why Gloroots stands out as a superior choice when compared to Deel and Remote across several key dimensions:

1. Employer of Record (EOR) Capabilities

While Deel and Remote offer broad global coverage, Gloroots goes a step further by aligning its EOR services with your business outcomes. Unique features like tracking onboarding stages, customization of bonus frequencies etc., give you a granular understanding of your international operations, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

2. Contractor Management:

Gloroots excels with its 6-step automated process for contract generation. Check contractors’ onboarding statuses on your dashboard and accelerate the onboarding process. 

3. Payroll & Benefits:

Gloroots simplifies cross-border payments with its multi-currency support. Now, pay contractors in your home currency with a single transaction, and Gloroots will streamline payroll management for all your contractors, ensuring they receive payments in their preferred currencies. Efficiently handle crypto pay-ins and pay-outs, making every payment cycle a breeze.

4. Reporting 

Gloroots maintains complete transparency by providing monthly reports. These reports detail resource usage, foreign exchange rates, employer liability, and a breakdown of EOR (Employer of Record) fees.

5. 100% Compliance

Right before your employees come on board, Gloroots experts and tech stack come together to familiarize you with compliance on a local scale. Whether it involves adhering to legal mandates, handling tax payments, or even embracing cultural responsibilities, we've got you covered.

Check out how Gloroots helped PriceLabs build their Indian team, ensuring 100% compliance with the Indian taxation and hiring norms.

6. Pricing:

Gloroots offers a balanced, cost-effective solution, removing the need for hidden fees or long-term commitments. This makes it not only affordable but also flexible for scaling businesses.

7. Addressing User Pain Points:

Gloroots offers in-depth tax guidance, fully customizable reporting, and a seamless onboarding experience, thus making it a more comprehensive HR tech solution.

Learn more about Gloroots vs. Deel here

Comparing Deel vs. Remote vs. Gloroots - At a glance

Deel vs

Wrapping up

Gloroots excels in offering customizable, data-driven solutions that align with business outcomes. Its unique features, like ROI tracking for HR initiatives and conflict resolution tools, make it a compelling choice. 

By offering a balanced, efficient, and outcome-focused solution, Gloroots delivers on areas where Deel and Remote might falter. For businesses aiming to simplify their global HR operations without compromising on flexibility or effectiveness, Gloroots emerges as the go-to platform.

Still looking for a better alternative for Deel & Remote? Try Gloroots today! 

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