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In Saudi Arabia, the Leave Policy is a crucial component of employee welfare, ensuring a balanced work-life dynamic. It's essential for both employers and employees to understand the intricacies of this policy for effective compliance. Explore the comprehensive regulations governing various leave entitlements in Saudi Arabia, facilitating efficient management and fostering a supportive work environment. Employers looking to hire employees from Saudi Arabia or through an Employer of Record (EOR) in Saudi Arabia must be well-versed in these regulations to ensure compliance and effective workforce administration.

Annual Leave (Vacation)

  • In Saudi Arabia, annual leave entitlements are stipulated by Article 109 of the Labor Law, where tenure dictates vacation days. Employees with one to five years of service are granted 21 days off annually, while those with over five years enjoy 30 days. This framework ensures employees receive adequate rest, enhancing overall workplace satisfaction and productivity.
  • Furthermore, unused leave days can be carried over to subsequent vacation periods with employer consent, offering flexibility in time management. This provision fosters cooperation between employers and employees and ensures accrued leave is not forfeited, promoting a harmonious work environment.
  • Additionally, employees may request up to ten additional unpaid leave days annually, subject to employer approval. This accommodation reflects a commitment to employees' personal needs, demonstrating an employer's dedication to work-life balance and employee welfare.

Public Holidays

  • 13 Feb 2024: National Sports Day
  • 8-11 Apr 2024: Eid al-Fitr Holiday
  • 17-19 Jun 2024: Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) Holiday (Tentative)
  • 18 Dec 2024: National Day

Sick Days

  • As per Article 117 of the Labor Law in Saudi Arabia, workers are granted 120 days of sick leave annually, whether the illness occurs consecutively or intermittently.
  • During the initial 30 days of illness, employees receive full compensation.
  • For the subsequent 60 days, they receive one-third of their regular pay.
  • The remaining 30 days are unpaid leave.
  • Employers are responsible for paying sick leave wages.
  • Workers must furnish a medical certificate for each sick day taken.

Maternity Leave

  • Women employees are granted 10 weeks of paid maternity leave, starting four weeks before the expected delivery date, with the first 6 weeks postpartum deemed as non-working.
  • Maternity leave pay is disbursed by the Employer and varies based on the employee’s tenure. Those with a minimum of 1 year of service receive 50% of their regular salary, while those with at least 3 years of service receive full pay.
  • Employees who receive full pay during maternity leave are prohibited from concurrently taking paid annual leave within the same year. However, those receiving 50% pay are permitted to utilize half of their entitled annual leave during the same period.

Paternity Leave

  • Fathers or partners in Saudi Arabia are granted a provision of 3 days of paid paternity leave following the birth of their child, as stipulated in Article 113 of the Labor Law.
  • This entitlement ensures that fathers can take time off to support their partners and bond with their newborn without experiencing any financial loss.
  • The paid paternity leave in Saudi Arabia provides fathers with the opportunity to actively participate in the early care of their child and adjust to their new family dynamics.

Parental Leave

The law in Saudi Arabia does not include any regulations concerning parental leave.

Bereavement Leave

Upon the death of an immediate family member, employees in Saudi Arabia are granted 2 days of bereavement leave.

Marriage Leave

Employees in Saudi Arabia are entitled to 3 days of leave to celebrate their wedding.

Hajj/Pilgrimage Leave

According to Article 114 of the Labor Law in Saudi Arabia, employees with at least 2 consecutive years of service are eligible to take 10 to 15 days off, which includes the Eid Al-Adha holiday, for the purpose of performing Hajj. This regulation applies solely if the employee has not previously completed Hajj.

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