Global Mobility Services

What are Global Mobility Services ?


Global mobility services encompass a range of solutions designed to support businesses in managing a globally dispersed workforce. They address the multifaceted challenges associated with international employment.

Scope and Necessity: These services are crucial for companies looking to expand into new international markets. They handle the complexities of complying with various country-specific employment laws, managing global payroll systems, and understanding diverse employee benefit requirements.

What Is Global Mobility?

  • Definition: Global mobility refers to a company's ability to move and manage its workforce across different countries for work-related purposes.
  • Evolution Post-COVID-19: The concept has evolved to not only include traditional employee relocation but also to support remote work arrangements and personal travel for professional development.
  • Key Aspects of Global Mobility: It involves hiring international employees, relocating staff for business or personal reasons, and ensuring the overall mobility of the workforce aligns with the company’s expansion goals.

Typical Components of Global Mobility Services

  • Tax Compliance and Global Payroll: These services ensure compliance with local and international tax laws, handling personal, employer, and social taxes, and managing global payroll complexities for different types of employees, including expatriates.
  • Employee Relocation Assistance: They provide logistical support for employee relocations, including visa processing, cultural integration, and other necessary adjustments to living and working in a foreign country.
  • International Healthcare and Benefits: Global mobility services help navigate each country's specific healthcare and employee benefits laws to ensure employees are adequately covered.
  • Travel Risk Management: They address risks associated with international travel and relocation, such as immigration issues, document losses, security concerns, and emergency support.

Costs Associated with Global Mobility Programs

  • Cost of Relocation: This involves expenses related to physically relocating employees, such as transportation, accommodation, and moving services.
  • Cost of Living Adjustments: Services include analyzing and adjusting salaries and benefits to account for the cost of living differences in various countries.
  • Cost of Operations: They assess the overall expenses of maintaining an employee presence in foreign countries, considering factors like legal compliance, taxes, shipping, and currency exchange implications.