360-Degree Survey

What is a 360-Degree Survey ?


A 360-degree survey is a comprehensive performance evaluation tool where an employee receives feedback from a wide range of sources. This includes not just their managers but also colleagues, direct reports, and sometimes external stakeholders like customers or clients.

How a 360-Degree Survey Operate?

  • Conducting the Survey: Typically, this survey is executed through an online questionnaire distributed to the employee's supervisors, peers, subordinates, and other relevant parties. The questionnaire focuses on various skills, behaviors, and competencies pertinent to the employee's role.
  • Anonymity and Confidentiality: Feedback often combines both ratings and written comments, maintained anonymously and confidentially. Responses from similar groups (like direct reports) are aggregated to protect individual anonymity.

Advantages of a 360-Degree Survey

  • Holistic Feedback: This survey method provides a rounded view of an employee's performance, gathering insights from multiple perspectives unavailable in traditional manager-only reviews.
  • Self-Awareness and Development: Feedback from various sources helps employees understand how their work impacts different aspects of the organization and identify areas for personal growth and development.
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: Peer feedback can foster greater self-awareness and improve collaboration, enhancing overall team performance.

Final Thoughts 

A 360-degree survey is a valuable tool for gaining comprehensive feedback on employee performance. It involves a holistic approach, gathering insights from a broad spectrum of sources, and plays a crucial role in personal development, team dynamics, and organizational strategy.