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Choose Gloroots for risk-free global hiring

Struggling with employment risks? Manage international hiring, payroll, and compliance in 140+ countries with Gloroots.
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Gloroots helped Sketchnote pay all of its international contractors in one go.
"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias
Co-founder, Sketchnote

Why Choose Gloroots over Papaya Global?

Onboard the right talents faster

Automate onboarding and track the onboarding status of your employees in a single dashboard.  Unlike Papaya Global, where onboarding takes 3-5 business days, with Gloroots, you can generate contracts and onboard in no time.

Avoid penalties with global compliance

With our team of compliance experts, you can avoid high-penalty risks. Unlike Papaya Global, we’re committed to ‘no compliance shortcuts.’ Gloroots does whatever it takes to maintain global compliance at all times.

Enjoy a single-click payroll

While Papaya Global still has room for improvement in its payroll process, Gloroots offers flexible and easy payroll management. Our cross-border payment partners let you make timely payments in multiple currencies with a single transaction. Plus, you can enjoy optimal exchange rates.

Get clear visibility

No surprises with hidden charges. Get detailed monthly reports from Gloroots to track how we use your resources. We communicate your liabilities, the FX rates we use, and a detailed breakdown of the EOR fees you pay us.

Gloroots vs. Papaya Global

Category/Company Gloroots Papaya Global
All-in-one platform
Contractors and EOR employees
US Payroll / US PEO Services
Global reporting
Localized benefits
Add WeWork passes, equipment and background checks during contract creation
In-house global mobility in 30+ countries They have global mobility but no in-house
Global knowledge base
People directory and people profiles
EOR Country Coverage with owned entities They use partners
Contractor coverage in +150 countries
Same level of service in every country with centralized communications
In-app 24/7 Human Support
In-house dedicated CSM and onboarding support in your time-zone and language
In-country HR Experience team for EOR employees
Multi-channel support 24/7 in-app chat for you and your teams: Email, WhatsApp, Phone, Call back requests, Video calls, Slack for enterprises
Automatic payments
Automated invoice generation
In-app E-Sign
Self Service Technology
Expenses management Only for EOR and payroll
PTO management
Ability to create, customize and download reports
Full customizable contracts
Send, sign contracts on platform
Equipment provision and management for your teams
Add co-working memberships during contract creation
HR slack Plugins
Stock options and equity management
Off cycle amendments Out of scope, at an additional fee of 200-500 USD
Cut off date 7th 4th
Advanced payments Out of scope, at 300 USD per employee
Misclassification assessment
Local Legal Hiring Experts “In-country partners”
Compliance document collection for both contractors and EOR
Localized contracts for both Contractors and EOR
IP Rights protection No data
KYC Checks
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Check out Papaya Global's Drawbacks directly from its users

What do you dislike about Papaya Global?

Their customer service is very poor. Also time zones presented a problem. We are located in the US, doing payroll for employees in Korea and was assigned a customer service representative in Australia.
Julie C
Non-Profit Organization
Gloroots guarantees you timely assistance

What do you dislike about Papaya Global?

Papaya Global is a lot more expensive when compared to the competitors out there who provide the same set of features and benefits. Most of them provide discounts as well
Verified G2 Review
Sr.  Engineer
Gloroots offers global expansion at a budget freindly price

What do you dislike about Papaya Global?

Navigating through the website is confusing, with information often overflowing off the screen, forcing me to scroll endlessly to access it all. Sometimes, data even overlaps, making it harder to understand.
Kenneth Q
Chief People Officer
Gloroots offers a seamless UI and dedicated supprt

Hear it from our customers

"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias
Co-founder, Sketchnote
“Seeing Gloroots’ highly detailed invoice breakdowns, payroll reports gave us complete assurance that we were fully compliant.”
Richie Khandelwal
Co-founder, Pricelabs

Pricing Comparison


Pay contractors


Hire employees


Papaya Global

Hire Contractors


Hire employees


Ask 4 Questions Before You Choose 
a Global EOR Solution

Is the pricing structure complex?

Understand the EOR’s pricing structure to ensure it fits your budget.

Gloroots offers transparent, simple, and affordable pricing. You can hire unlimited contractors at $29/contractor/month and employees at $299/employee/month.

Deel has a simple but expensive pricing structure that may not be a good fit for SMEs.

Is my data safe with the service provider?

Data security is often compromised when working with third-party service providers. Gloroots ensure 100% IP protection. We are GDPR compliant and have the highest security policies in place.

Does the service provider maintain transparency?

Without clear visibility, it is difficult for businesses to know how the service provider uses their resources. 

Gloroots gives you complete visibility of your resource usage and liabilities. We send monthly reports stating the FX rates, tax deductions, social security liabilities, and a detailed EOR fee breakdown.

Is the payroll system flexible and simple?

A seamless payroll system ensures timely payments to your workforce. With Gloroots’ single-click payroll system, your workforce will be paid on time in their home currencies.  Moreover, you can pay us in a single transaction via cards, ACH, wire, or Crypto.

Deel’s payroll system still requires improvement since clients often face frequent changes in payment dates.