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Choose Gloroots for risk-free global hiring

Struggling with employment risks? Manage international hiring, payroll, and compliance in 140+ countries with Gloroots.
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Gloroots helped Sketchnote pay all of its international contractors in one go.
"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias
Co-founder, Sketchnote

Why Choose Gloroots over Gusto?

Unlock Global Coverage with Ease

Unlike Oyster HR that operates within limited locations, Gloroots lets you to expand your business globally without the heavy financial burden of setting up foreign entities or offices in more than 140 countries.

Enjoy a single-click payroll

While Oyster HR still has room for improvement in its payroll process, Gloroots offers flexible and easy payroll management. Our cross-border payment partners let you make timely payments in multiple currencies with a single transaction. Plus, you can enjoy optimal exchange rates.

Get clear visibility

No surprises with hidden charges. Get detailed monthly reports from Oyster HR to track how we use your resources. We communicate your liabilities, the FX rates we use, and a detailed breakdown of the EOR fees you pay us.

Avoid penalties with global compliance

With our team of compliance experts, you can avoid high-penalty risks. Unlike Oyster HR, we’re committed to ‘no compliance shortcuts.’ Gloroots does whatever it takes to maintain global compliance at all times.

Gloroots vs. Gusto

Features Gloroots Gusto
EOR $299/month ❌ $599/month (Gusto Global - In partnership with Remote)
Setup fee Free
Free trial period
Unlimited payrolls ✅Only supports U.S. payments
Automated federal and state tax filing
No Cancellation charges ❌ Charge payment after cancellation
Direct deposit
File W-2s
File 1099s
Multiple pay rates and schedules
Multiple states ✅ (Plus and Premium)
Contractor payments
E-sign I-9 and W-4
Lifetime access for employees
International payroll 💰 (International contractor add-on)
Health benefits Pay premiums only (limited to 37 states)
Workers’ comp ✅ Pay premiums only
HR tools
Time tracking ✅(Plus and Premium)
Team directory and org chart ✅(Plus and Premium)
Time-off requests ✅(Plus and Premium)
Online offer letters
Secure document vault and e-signing
Built-in expense tracking
Custom employee handbook ✅ (Premium and HR add-on)
Job description and policy templates ✅ (Premium and HR add-on)
Proactive compliance updates ✅ (Premium and HR add-on)
Certified HR pros ✅ (Premium and HR add-on)
Direct phone line for dedicated support ✅ (Premium and HR add-on)
Custom Onboarding Checklist ✅ (Plus and Premium)
Software Provisioning ✅(Plus and Premium)
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Check out Gusto's Drawbacks directly from its users

What do you dislike about Gusto?

Gusto was completely absent when I tried to upgrade my benefits package. It seems simple - "I would like to add dental and vision to our existing healthcare package. Please provide pricing." The first customer service rep could not help me when I called.
Javier C
Small- Business Owner
Experience responsive and dedicated customer service with Gloroots.

What do you dislike about Gusto?

As we started hiring employees that is when Gusto started to show problems. One pay cycle our employees were paid 3 days late, despite receiving an email a week earlier that they would be paid on time.
Terry C
Computer & Network Security
Expand your team through robust, scalable payroll solutions with Gloroots.

What do you dislike about Gusto?

I have filled out 2 forms and answered an email they sent me for additional questions, and after a few follow-ups, I never heard from them. Then I called their sales team and they said that my information got lost but set up a demo that never happened.
Haris S
Vice President
Consumer Electronics
Gloroots offers clear communication and instant support

Hear it from our customers

"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias
Co-founder, Sketchnote
“Seeing Gloroots’ highly detailed invoice breakdowns, payroll reports gave us complete assurance that we were fully compliant.”
Richie Khandelwal
Co-founder, Pricelabs

Pricing Comparison


Pay contractors


Hire employees



Hire Contractors


Hire employees


Ask 4 Questions Before You Choose 
a Global EOR Solution

Is the pricing structure complex?

Understand the EOR’s pricing structure to ensure it fits your budget.

Gloroots offers transparent, simple, and affordable pricing. You can hire unlimited contractors at $29/contractor/month and employees at $299/employee/month.

Deel has a simple but expensive pricing structure that may not be a good fit for SMEs.

Is my data safe with the service provider?

Data security is often compromised when working with third-party service providers. Gloroots ensure 100% IP protection. We are GDPR compliant and have the highest security policies in place.

Does the service provider maintain transparency?

Without clear visibility, it is difficult for businesses to know how the service provider uses their resources. 

Gloroots gives you complete visibility of your resource usage and liabilities. We send monthly reports stating the FX rates, tax deductions, social security liabilities, and a detailed EOR fee breakdown.

Is the payroll system flexible and simple?

A seamless payroll system ensures timely payments to your workforce. With Gloroots’ single-click payroll system, your workforce will be paid on time in their home currencies.  Moreover, you can pay us in a single transaction via cards, ACH, wire, or Crypto.

Deel’s payroll system still requires improvement since clients often face frequent changes in payment dates.