How Gloroots helped Sketchnote pay all of its international contractors in one go?

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California, United States
Company size
15 - 20
Founding year
On Gloroots since
reduction in time spent on payroll
multi-currency payments made in a single transaction
compliance with Indian, Spanish, Pakistani, and Californian employment laws
“Managing 15 contractors across multiple countries was time-consuming and at times frustrating. Things like invoices and payment confirmations were all over email.”
Julio Arias, Co-founder


Sketchnote is a project management software platform designed to enhance the efficiency of small businesses. It simplifies task management and automates workflows, making business operations smoother and more organized.


Scaling for Global Growth

Sketchnote has a small distributed team with offices in India, Spain, Pakistan, and Silicon valley. Its team members work remotely, and they intend to keep it that way. 

Before Sketchnote met Gloroots, they paid their contractors one by one. This reduced their already lean team’s productivity and took focus away from building their product.

”Our payroll process went from laborious to breezy. Every team member could now devote all their time toward productive work. No more infinite email threads and endless context switching.”
Julio Arias, Co-founder


Single-click, multi-currency payments

For payroll, Sketchnote made only one payment to Gloroots every month, and that was all. Sketchnote didn’t need to do anything after that. Gloroots handled making payments to all contractors in their local currencies. 

Sketchnote founders were not required to exchange endless administrative emails with their contractors either. Gloroots was responsible for all administrative communication with the contractors. For example, they even followed up with contractors to collect invoices.   

To make things easier, contractors could upload invoices, amend contracts, and check payment statuses with the Gloroots contractor platform.


Time spent on payroll fell by 87%

Before Gloroots, Sketchnotes’ founder, Julio Arias, spent hours manually checking invoices, converting amounts to 4 different currencies and making international wire transfers. 

But no more! 

With Gloroots, he went from making 15 separate payments to just one transaction. Sketchnote no longer spent money on multiple international transfer fees either. Sketchnote used Gloroots’ contract templates. Since they were already compliant with Spanish, Indian, Pakistani, and Californian employment laws respectively, Sketchnote no longer need to spend on legal fees

One Dashboard To Rule Them All 

Julio could now view all contractors’ upcoming invoices, payment statuses, and contracts from Gloroots’ Employer Dashboard. This saved him the struggle of referring to old emails and searching his laptop’s download folder to revisit contract terms and invoices.

"Now that Gloroots handles all contracts, I am no longer worried about compliance when onboarding a new contractor"
Julio Arias, Co-founder

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