Mixam's Global Expansion with Gloroots

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Printing Services
Company size
51- 200 employees
Founding year
On Gloroots since
Effortless payroll and benefits management.
Customer support
compliance and timely payments.
“Gloroots has been effective in helping us confidently build a team outside our registered entity locations.”
Fiona Fahy, Personal Assistant to the CEO


Mixam, a leading printing company launched in 2011, specializes in high-quality, customizable printing solutions. Headquartered in the UK, Mixam has expanded globally, operating in several countries and focusing on technological advancements and excellent customer service.


As Mixam grew, it faced complexities in expanding its global team, and the printing company needed a reliable partner to manage the employee lifecycle of its expanding team efficiently. The challenge they wanted to tackle was setting up or partnering with a highly responsive HR team and a desire to optimize their operational bandwidth.

The complexities behind international hiring, especially the lack of familiarity with different countries' employment practices, presented significant challenges in growing and managing their team effectively.

“Our concern was having to register entities in countries where we don’t operate currently, in order to hire staff. The overhead costs, the local compliance, different language and the team and payroll management a massive hurdle to tackle. With Gloroots we found a partner to facilitate these services efficiently at a rate lower than other EOR’s.”
Fiona Fahy, Personal Assistant to the CEO


Gloroots provided Mixam with a suite of employee management services in new geographies, covering all aspects from onboarding to exit. This included handling new employee onboarding, payroll, benefits, and leave management. The partnership ensured compliance with employment laws and accurate, timely payroll, significantly reducing Mixam's time to manage HR operations in these new markets.


Gloroots streamlined the hiring process for Mixam, making it straightforward to finalize candidates and delegate HR responsibilities. This support enabled Mixam to efficiently grow its team, with three successful hires in the Philippines and plans for further expansion. The partnership with Gloroots saved Mixam time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Why Gloroots

Mixam chose Gloroots for their transparent forex rates, flat fees without hidden charges, and excellent customer support, all contributing to a seamless global expansion.

“We’re able to achieve our required growth with ease and confidently hire and grow a team of 3 people in the Philippines with the support of the Gloroots team. In 2024, we intend to continue this trajectory with another 3 hires.”
Fiona Fahy, Personal Assistant to the CEO

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