Asset Mantle's Crypto Payments with Gloroots

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Software Development(Web3)
Company size
11-50 employees
Founding year
On Gloroots since
Reduction in crypto-transaction costs
Compliance with payroll laws worldwide
No minimum amount expectations for crypto transaction.
“While OTCs are too expensive for these market conditions, and the minimum tranches are not viable.”
Prabhav Varambally | VP, Customer Enablement at AssetMantle


AssetMantle is a decentralized NFT marketplace that empowers creators to mint and sell NFTs with zero friction. We aim to establish a framework for NFT marketplaces that offers all the necessary elements for creating individual marketplaces.


AssetMantle’s faced high costs when conducting over-the-counter (OTC) crypto transactions. Moreover, when working with OTC transactions, there is a minimum tranche (transaction) limit that Asset Mantle has to adhere to in many cases. 

This method was not financially feasible, so AssetMantle turned to EORs to facilitate these transactions. The company believed that an EOR could serve as a perfect intermediary. However, AssetMantle’s expectations fell flat when it approached its first EOR partner.

“EORs serve as a perfect intermediary. However, our experiences with other EORs were lackluster, with services degrading all the way to WhatsApp chat support while raising transaction rates. With reasonable transaction rates and a quick turnaround time, our experience with Gloroots has been amazing. The almost immediate response from the team to answer/help us with our queries is just the cherry on top.”
Prabhav Varambally | VP, Customer Enablement at AssetMantle


AssetMantle joined hands with Gloroots in July 2023. After scoping out their problems, Gloroots identified that its contractor management and crypto payment feature is what Asset Mantle needs to pay contractors seamlessly and reduce transaction costs. 

Gloroots' SaaS-based EOR platform helps Asset Mantle compliantly onboard and pay contractors in crypto on time. Gloroots’ flare fee meant that Asset Mantle paid a fixed amount regardless of the number of transactions. Gloroots also helped the company avoid any hidden costs as well. And unlike its previous EOR partner, Asset Mantle received timely support from Gloroots for all its queries.


Asset Mantle was able to streamline its crypto payments and decrease its transaction costs by 80%. This was mainly because other OTCs had a minimum cap and levied a 5% conversion rate on each transaction. Gloroots’ EOR solution ensure that Asset Mantle can make crypto transactions without adhering to any minimum cap.

Why Gloroots

Asset Mantle chose Gloroots for its compliance advantage, flat fees without hidden charges, and excellent customer support, all of which contribute to seamless crypto payrolling. Gloroots’s compliance with modern security standards ensured all transactions are compliant with regulatory requirements.

"Gloroots has been exceptional so far, allowing us to make seamless transactions with our contractors with minimal effort on their end."
Prabhav Varambally | VP, Customer Enablement at AssetMantle

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