Papaya Global Vs. Deel - A Detailed Comparison

Mayank Bhutoria

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Key Takeaways

  • Papaya Global and Deel are prominent global payroll and HR solutions, each with unique features and limitations. Papaya Global excels in multicurrency support and efficient payroll management, while Deel is praised for its international hiring capabilities and compliance focus.
  • Users appreciate Papaya Global's excellent customer service and efficient payroll management but criticize its invoice details and longer onboarding process. Deel users value timely payments and secure transactions but highlight the need for better customer support and flexible fee structures.
  • Gloroots offers a significant advantage with its faster onboarding process, a feature that can potentially save your organization valuable time and resources. Combined with its customizable features and transparent pricing, it's a clear winner over both Papaya Global and Deel.

What is Papaya Global?

Papaya Global is an integrated and regulated global payroll provider. Global teams partner with Papaya for its ability to manage payrolls in multiple currencies globally. It’s an automated global payroll SaaS platform licensed to hold and transfer workforce payments. Papaya Global is a great choice for teams who wish to expand fast, as it helps to onboard, manage, and pay the best talents globally.

Key Features of Papaya Global

Multicurrency support: It can process payroll in multiple currencies, including crypto. 

Compliance: It offers standard processes and workflows to reduce non-compliance risk. Offers country-specific documentation and payroll-specific templates to help you adhere to country-specific compliance requirements.

Integration: The tool can integrate with other HR tools like HR and HCF solutions, accounting, and ERP software.

Reporting: It offers various reporting options with different local and global benchmarks and cost tracking to analyze payroll costs across multiple countries and businesses. 

What users like about Papaya Global?

Great customer service

Papaya Global is known for its great customer service. As some users mention, Papaya has designated a payroll expert to support their customers and is always available. They excel in answering all their queries and concerns answered in no time. 

Efficient payroll management solution

It’s an efficient solution for global teams. Many users have mentioned that having everything on the same platform and having the same form is very helpful for teams that have an employee base around the globe. 

Easy onboarding process

Onboarding employees is easy with Papaya Global. They assign a reachable point of contact for each account. 

Easy-to-navigate UI

Papaya Global has a user-friendly UI. As some users mention, you can find all the documents in one place and they are easily accessible. 

A well-organized portal

Papaya has a well-organized portal. As some users mention, submitting monthly expenses and payroll adjustment details is easy due to a well-organized portal. 


What users dislike about Papaya Global?

Lack of details in the invoices

The invoices are not as detailed as they should be. Some users mention that the PTO import system is not up to the mark.

Invoice disputes

According to users, Papaya Global has much to improve on its invoices. The team takes a long time to correct invoices in dispute. 

Longer onboarding

Some users find a longer onboarding process on the portal than expected. 


Some users find the tool is on the higher pricing side than its competitors. 

What is Deel?

Deel helps to hire globally in minutes. It automates payroll, manages compliance, HR, and workforce management, and is available across countries. 

Key Features of Deel

International hiring

Deel allows easy collaboration, eliminating hiring and management borders. It helps companies to tap the best talent in the industry. 

Easy onboarding

Deel is known for its fast and easy onboarding process. Deel is best suited for teams who are on a growth spree.

Global-first HR management

Deel is built with the necessities of global teams in mind. It aims to simplify the HR tasks for teams irrespective of their locations.

Payroll management

Deel handles taxes, payslips, and employee benefits and helps automate payments to contractors and employees worldwide. 

Compliance first

Deel ensures compliance regulations are met at every stage so that you can carry on with your growth journey. 

What users like about Deel?

Timely payment

Deel is known for its on-time payment. So, if you’re partnering with Deel, be assured that all your freelancers and remote workers will receive timely payment. 

Transparent currency conversion

Deel keeps publishing its daily currency conversion rates, making the payment process completely transparent so there is no confusion with the currency rate conversion. 

Secure transactions

As Deel users say, each transaction is secured with clear payment timelines. 

Easy-to-manage funds

Deel card is simple to use, making transactions a smooth experience, unlike bank transfers. 

What do users dislike about Deel? 

Tax guidance is not available

Deel does not provide tax guidance to remote contractors working with external companies. 

Customer support could be better

Many Deel users complain that customer support is slow and patchy. They need to contact the customer support team for every instance, as information is not easily available. 

No flexible fee structure

Deel doesn't offer fee flexibility, constraining users in less affluent countries.


Deel doesn't offer customization of its report section, so it's time-consuming to extract data. 

Why is Gloroots a better EOR solution?

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of Papaya Global and Deel’s pros and cons let’s introduce you to Gloroots - a comprehensive EOR solution - to help you hire compliantly across 140+ countries. Here’s why Gloroots is the best option for you. 

Employer of Record (EOR) Capabilities

Gloroots goes further from Papayal Global and Deel in aligning its EOR services with your business goals. It offers special features like tracking onboarding stages and customization of bonus payouts to empower you to make data-driven decisions. It gives you better control and a bird's eye view of the international operations. 

Contractor Management

Gloroots offers a six-stage automated process for contract management for faster onboarding. You can view the onboarding status right on your dashboard. 

Payroll & Benefits

With Gloroots, you can expect easy and hassle-free cross-border payments. It offers multi-currency and crypto support so employees can choose how to receive payment. 

With a single transaction, you can pay all your contractors in their home currency, and there is no need to do manual conversions. Gloroots is transparent with currency exchange and offers the best rate. 


Gloroots maintains complete transparency by providing monthly reports. These reports detail resource usage, foreign exchange rates, employer liability, and a breakdown of EOR (Employer of Record) fees.

100% Compliance

Gloroots helps you stay compliant by familiarizing you with the local compliance requirements. From local tax regulations to local culture, Gloroots keeps you covered. 



Gloroots offers a cost-effective solution, removing the need for hidden fees or long-term commitments. This makes it not only affordable but also flexible for scaling businesses.

Gloroots Vs. Deel Vs. Papaya Global - At a Glance

res / Capabilities Gloroots Deel Papaya Global
Employer of Record (EOR) - Available in 140+ countries

- Onboarding within 48 hours

- In-built Regulatory Compliance Engine

- Available in 150+ countries

- Onboarding new employees take 2-3 weeks

- AI-Powered Risk Assessment

Available in 160+ countries

Onboarding in 3 working days

100% compliance guaranteed

Contractor Management - End-to-End Contractor Lifecycle Management

- Dynamic Contract Templates

- Single-click compliant payroll and crypto pay-ins and payouts

- Real-time Contract Monitoring

- Automated Compliance Flags

- E-signature Functionality

Automated process for contractor payment processing

Offers single-click bulk payment

With GDPR and payment compliance built-in all payments are secured

Pricing Employer of Record (EOR): $299/employee/month

Contractor Management:


Employer of Record (EOR): $599/employee/month

Contractor Management: $49/contractor/month

Global Payroll: For tailored pricing, reach out to Deel's sales team.

Deel HR: Available for free for up to 200 employees.

Employer of Record (EOR):


Contractor Management:


Full-service payroll


Payroll platform license


Payment-as-a service


Data and insights platform license


Wrapping up

Gloroots is a balanced EOR solution that stands out where Deel and Papaya Global falters. It offers customizable and data-driven solutions that align with your business goals. 

The platform’s unique features, like ROI tracking for HR initiatives, automated contract management, monthly reporting and conflict resolution tools, make it a top choice. Moreover, you get all of these advanced features at reasonable prices. 

So, if you’re looking for a better alternative to Deel and Papaya Global, try Gloroots.

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