Top Eight Alternatives to Papaya Global EOR

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Top Eight Alternatives to Papaya Global EOR
Written by
Mayank Bhutoria,
June 13, 2024

Key Takeaways

Employer of Record (EOR) services are now indispensable for businesses seeking to effectively manage compliance, payroll, and legal obligations when expanding globally. Among the leading providers in this sector is Papaya Global, offering a comprehensive solution that spans payroll, compliance, and employee management across numerous countries.

Papaya Global’s Employer of Record (EOR) services empower companies to onboard employees in foreign jurisdictions without establishing legal entities there. It handles crucial aspects like payroll processing, tax compliance, benefits administration, and other HR tasks for international hires. However, the landscape offers several noteworthy alternatives to explore.

In this post, we'll dive into some of the top alternatives to Papaya Global and provide valuable insights on selecting the most suitable option for your business needs.

Key Features to Look for in an Alternative to Papaya Global

When choosing an alternative to Papaya Global, it is important to consider the following key features: 

Global Reach

Consider the geographical coverage of the EOR provider. Ensure they have a presence in the countries where you plan to hire employees. A global reach allows for seamless expansion and ensures compliance with local laws and regulations.

Suite of Services

Look for an EOR that offers a full range of HR and payroll services, including payroll processing, tax compliance, employee benefits administration, and visa and immigration support. A comprehensive suite of services simplifies global workforce management and eliminates the need for multiple vendors.

Flexibility and Scalability

Choose an EOR that can adapt to your specific business needs and industry requirements. Flexibility in terms of pricing, contract terms, and service offerings is essential for businesses looking to scale their operations efficiently.


Evaluate the pricing structure of the EOR provider and compare it with your budget. Consider the total cost of services, including setup fees, monthly fees, and per-employee costs. A cost-effective EOR solution can help you optimize your global expansion without compromising on quality.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is crucial when working with an EOR. Look for a provider that offers dedicated support teams, quick response times, and personalized assistance. Reliable customer support ensures a smooth onboarding process and ongoing support for your global workforce.

By considering these key features, businesses can select an alternative to Papaya Global that meets their specific requirements and supports their global expansion goals effectively.

Top Eight Alternatives to Velocity Global

1. Gloroots

Gloroots is a global employer of record platform that simplifies global hiring and payroll compliance. It streamlines international hiring and payroll through automation, offering employer-of-record services, contractor management, localized benefits, and integrated human resources management system (HRMS) capabilities. Gloroots provides consolidated global workforce oversight with compensation localized to each region.


Gloroots streamlines employee onboarding with a straightforward process that requires just six clicks for completion. Here are some of Gloroots' key Employer of Record features and services:

  • User-friendly onboarding dashboard
  • Global hiring and legal compliance solutions
  • Contractor management tools
  • Tailored global benefits packages
  • Integrated HRMS capabilities
  • Timely payment to contractors in their local currency
  • Flexibility in agreement types (milestone, hourly, fixed)
  • Collection of compliance documents
  • Automated invoicing
  • Management of time off and expenses
  • Support for crypto pay-ins


Starts from $299 per employee per month


  • Streamlined global hiring and payroll compliance processes
  • Automation for efficient international hiring procedures
  • Integrated HRMS capabilities for comprehensive workforce management
  • Cheaper than most EORs
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Crypto payments


New to the market.

2. Deel

Deel is an international payroll platform that enables businesses to hire employees in over 150 countries. It offers various services, including payroll processing, tax compliance, and HR support. Deel is known for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support.


Deel offers a range of features designed to simplify global hiring and compliance processes for businesses. Here are some key features of Deel:

  • Enables businesses to pay international contractors and employees in over 120 currencies
  • Provides tools for creating, managing, and signing employment contracts digitally
  • Provides legal support, tax calculations, and local labor laws.
  • Offers region-specific benefits and insurance options
  • Handles payroll processing, including tax withholding and reporting, across multiple countries
  • Facilitates expense tracking and reimbursement for employees
  • Time tracking tools
  • Assists in collecting and managing compliance documents, such as work permits and certifications
  • Offers support from local HR and legal experts


  • Simplified global employment solutions covering 150+ countries
  • Emphasis on compliance and legal support for seamless international hiring
  • Streamlined processes for payroll management and contractor engagement


  • One of the most expensive among all EORs
  • Many features have an additional cost
  • Limited visibility into pricing and service tiers
  • Users have raised complaints about slow response times, unhelpful assistance, and a lack of responsiveness. 


Starts at $599 per month.

3. Remote

Remote is a global employment platform that helps businesses hire and manage remote workers. It offers various services, including payroll processing, tax compliance, and health insurance. Remote is known for its flexible plans and its focus on employee experience.


  • Full-time and contract worker's management
  • International payroll
  • Time tracking
  • Benefits administration
  • Tax compliance
  • Stock options management
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Wide range of global EOR solutions 
  • Transparent pricing model/no hidden fees
  • Free EOR services for hiring refugees


  • Some features may be less robust compared to specialized providers
  • One of the most expensive among all EORs


Starts at $599 per month.

4. Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners is a leading global EOR that offers a comprehensive range of HR and payroll services. It has a presence in over 185 countries and helps businesses hire employees in any country, regardless of location. Globalization Partners is known for its expertise in complex global employment matters.


Globalization Partners offers specialized global Employer of Record (EOR) services, focusing on:

  • Payroll, benefits, and compliance management
  • Compliant onboarding of employees in new markets


Pricing is available on request.


  • Specialized in global Employer of Record (EOR) services for quick and compliant onboarding in new markets
  • Extensive coverage for payroll, benefits, and compliance, reducing administrative burdens

5. Velocity Global

Velocity Global is another leading global EOR that offers a range of HR and payroll services. It has a presence in over 185 countries and helps businesses hire employees in any country, regardless of location. Velocity Global is known for its flexible solutions and its focus on customer service.


  • Handles payroll, compliance, and HR tasks for international hires
  • Compliant payments across different countries and currencies
  • HR support such as employee onboarding, benefits administration, and performance management


No public pricing available.


  • Available in 185+ countries
  • Globally compliant equity program
  • Workspaces in 120+ countries


  • Requires 30-day notice for employee offboarding
  • Mixed reviews on support quality
  • Lack of transparent pricing information

6. Multiplier

Multiplier is a global employment platform that helps businesses hire and manage contractors. It offers a range of services, including payroll processing, tax compliance, and HR support. Multiplier is known for its flexible plans and its focus on cost-effectiveness.


  • Payroll management in over 120 currencies
  • Local comprehensive insurance and benefits packages 
  • Employment contracts creation
  • Multi-country and multi-currency payroll options
  • Administration of ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), benefits, and insurance
  • Leave management
  • Access to 24/5 support from local HR and legal experts, eliminating third-party delays
  • Provision of employee payslips for easy reference and record-keeping


Starts at $400 per employee per month.


  • Comprehensive EOR solution for payroll, taxes, and benefits
  • Simplified global hiring and compliance management
  • Extensive coverage across multiple countries for expansion


  • Customer support isn’t as quick to reply or problem-solve as other EORs according to reviews
  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Limited flexibility in certain customization options

7. Oyster HR

Oyster HR is a global EOR that offers a range of HR and payroll services. It has a presence in over 100 countries and helps businesses hire employees in any country, regardless of their location. Oyster HR is known for its user-friendly platform and its excellent customer support.


  • Automated payroll system with integrated reimbursements and bonuses
  • Employee cost calculator
  • Contractor-to-employee conversion
  • Guided onboarding and offboarding processes


Starts at $699 per  month.


  • Competitive pricing with robust features
  • Support for payments in 120+ currencies
  • Contractor vs. Full-Time Employee Analyzer tool


  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Reports of feature lags

8. Remofirst

Remofirst is a global employment platform that helps businesses hire and manage remote workers. It offers various services, including payroll processing, tax compliance, and health insurance. Remofirst is known for its flexible plans and its focus on employee experience.


  • Managing full-time and contract workers worldwide
  • International payroll
  • Expense reimbursement administration
  • Benefits management
  • Automatic tax payment
  • Simplified hiring in 150+ countries without local entity setup
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Payroll and contractor management
  • Onboarding support


Starts at $199 per employee per month.


  • Affordable Employer of Record (EOR) product with centralized international workforce management
  • Extensive coverage for hiring in 150+ countries, facilitating global expansion without local entity setup
  • Emphasis on compliance and a centralized platform for efficient workforce management


  • Higher pricing compared to competitors
  • Limited flexibility in specific service offerings

Choose Gloroots as Your Papaya Global Alternative

Gloroots goes beyond being a global Employer of Record; it is a comprehensive solution for managing international workforces across more than 140 countries. Here's what makes Gloroots stand out:

Global Presence and Expertise: Gloroots has an extensive international network that enables businesses to legally and efficiently hire global talent. Their deep market understanding helps companies navigate complex regulations for successful global expansion.

Flexibility and Scalability: Whether you're a startup or an established corporation, Gloroots' EOR services are adaptable to businesses of all sizes and industries. They offer tailored solutions that can evolve with changing growth trajectories.

Comprehensive Services: Gloroots provides a wide range of services, from streamlined onboarding to seamless payroll management, regulatory compliance, and benefits administration. They handle all employment-related responsibilities while ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Automated Payroll: Gloroots simplifies payroll management for global teams with features like one-click payroll, customizable bonus structures, and intuitive invoice management—all integrated within a single platform.

Gloroots streamlines the complexities of global workforce management, empowering businesses to focus on core operations. By partnering with Gloroots, businesses unlock the potential to thrive on a global scale!

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