Top 9 Alternatives and Competitors to Omnipresent

Mayank Bhutoria

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While Omnipresent has gained prominence as a platform for hiring global talent, many users are now looking for alternatives. The reasons for its users to be searching for an Omnipresent alternative — limited features to tackle diverse teams, high prices, and slow responses, to name a few.

If you’re also someone looking for an Omnipresent alternative, your search ends here. In this blog post, we discuss  9 alternatives to Omnipresent. We offer a comprehensive overview of each contender, their features, and why businesses might consider them viable alternatives.

Whether you're an organization aiming to diversify your global team without having a large full-time workforce or a startup looking for a cost-effective solution to start scaling teams, this post will help you choose the best Omnipresent alternative.

Reasons to look for Omnipresent alternatives

Omnipresent's key strength lies in hiring and managing full-time employees across 155 countries worldwide in the most transparent way. From offering hiring support to partners to automating manual tasks like payroll calculations, filing, and drafting local employment contracts, Omnipresent simplifies the work of global HR teams. However, if you are about to expand globally or want to have a global team that is a mix of contractors, freelancers, and full-time employees, you might want to look for an alternative to Omnipresent. 

Here are a few reasons why global teams are looking for an Omnipresent alternative: 

  • Lack of contractor support is inconvenient for small businesses that want to build a remote team of freelancers. 
  • Limited Additional Functions: Some desired functions, such as tracking anniversaries and integration with platforms like Slack, which could enhance the overall user experience, are currently lacking.
  • Integration challenges: Salary payments via TT (Telegraphic Transfer) prevent the direct crediting of certain benefits to local bank accounts, limiting access to payroll & benefits directly from the portal.
  • Slower response time: Omnipresent collaborates with 3rd party vendors in certain locations, leading to slower communication as it involves a three-way interaction.


Now that you know the users’ struggles with Omnipresent, let’s explore the top 9 alternatives to Omnipresent.

Top 9 alternatives to Omnipresent

1. Gloroots


Gloroots provides a holistic workforce management solution, covering compliance, payroll, and benefits globally. With extensive customization options for growing teams, Gloroots caters to mid-sized companies seeking a tailored approach to international HR.


Workforce Management:

  • Employer of Record solution for onboarding to offboarding.
  • One dashboard to track onboarding progress globally.
  • Manage employment contracts, leaves, and compliant off-boarding.

Automated Payroll:

  • Centralized and streamlined payroll process.
  • Organize, manage, and pay distributed employees.
  • Single-click payroll with customizable bonuses and payouts.
  • View local statutory deductions, track leaves, and reimbursements.
  • Clear contractor invoices in one click.

Benefits Administration:

  • Comprehensive benefits administration in one platform.
  • Country-specific insurance coverage.
  • Customizable benefits for each employee.
  • Global laptop delivery for remote teams.


  • Faster contractor and employee onboarding with a 6-step automated contract generation 
  • Compared to Oyster and Deel, Gloroots provides a cost-effective solution
  • Enables hiring in 140+ countries without establishing a permanent entity
  • Ensures 100% local tax compliance
  • Manages payroll seamlessly with crypto pay-ins and pay-outs 
  • Pay employees or contractors in multiple currencies through a single platform


Limited User Feedback: As a newer entrant, Gloroots may not have as extensive user reviews as more established competitors. Companies should evaluate their requirements with the features that Gloroots offers to see how beneficial the features could be in the long run..


  • For contractors, the pay starts at USD 29 per contractor per month. 
  • The rate to hire employees starts at USD 299 per employee per month.


2. Remote


Remote simplifies global workforce management, handling international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance across numerous countries. We ensure peace of mind worldwide with ironclad intellectual property protections and top-tier security. The platform’s transparent pricing model features a low flat rate, empowering you to control costs and concentrate on business growth—no percentages or hidden fees.


  • Global Talent Marketplace: Connects companies with global talent.
  • Payroll and Compliance: Manages payroll and ensures compliance with local regulations.
  • Contract Management: Facilitates contract creation, negotiation, and signing.
  • Employment Benefits: Supports benefits administration for remote workers.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Ensures the security and privacy of remote work-related data.


  • Best Contractor Fees: Competitive rates for contractor management.
  • Fast Sign-Up: Quick and efficient onboarding process. 


  • Hidden Prices: Some services require contacting sales for pricing.
  • Lack of Phone Support: No phone support option is available.


  • HRIS - Free
  • Contractor Management - $29 per contractor/month
  • Employer of Record - Starting at $599/month
  • Global Payroll - $50 per employee/month

3. Deel


specializes in payroll and benefits administration and acts as an EOR, helping businesses navigate legal complexities for their global teams.


Global Hiring:

  • Access to a global network of freelancers and contractors.

Contract Management:

  • Tools for creating, customizing, and signing compliant contracts.
  • Manages contract workflows for remote collaboration.

Automated Onboarding and Offboarding:

  • Efficient processes for onboarding and offboarding remote workers.
  • Guided experience for new hires and documentation completion.

Global Payments:

  • Worldwide payroll management with multi-currency support.
  • Ensures compliance with local tax regulations.

Compliance Assistance:

  • Guidance on staying compliant with local labor laws.
  • Support for legal and tax obligations in different countries.

Benefits Administration:

  • Ensures competitive and compliant benefit offerings for remote workers globally.

Tax Support:

  • Handles local & global tax-related tasks and reporting

Dashboard and Analytics:

  • Centralized dashboard for remote workforce management.
  • Analytics and reporting tools for insights.

Integration Capabilities:

  • Integrates with 20+ existing HR systems and accounting software.

Customer Support:

  • Provides customer support for platform usage and query resolution.


  • Country coverage (150+ countries) for global hiring.
  • Free Deel HR for companies with <200 employees.
  • User-friendly interface for all company sizes.
  • Industry expertise with 20,000+ clients, including Dropbox, Nike, Shopify.
  • Ideal for managing remote teams.


  • Not the most cost-effective for contractor management.
  • Hidden pricing for certain services (e.g., global payroll).
  • Contract misclassification protection requires an extra fee.


  • Employer of Record starting at $599/month
  • Contractor management starting at $49/month
  • Deel HR is free for companies with 200+ employees
    For Immigration & Global payroll, get a custom quote 

4. Multiplier


Multiplier is a compliance-focused platform offering comprehensive solutions for global HR management. With an emphasis on user-friendliness, Multiplier simplifies complex compliance processes, making it suitable for businesses with international teams.


  • Payroll, HR, and global compliance
  • Global time and attendance
  • Employee self-service
  • Automated tax and compliance
  • Global benefits
  • Local contracts, taxes, insurance, and social contributions
  • Multi-lingual contracts


  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
  • Responsive customer support
  • The billing feature is clear and easy to use.


  • Delayed payments
  • Filling in the timesheet details is complex and time-consuming.
  • The payslips include no information about the dollar exchange rate


  • Hire employees - Starting from $400/ month
  • Freelancers - $40/ month
  • Custom pricing for global payroll and immigration services.

5. Papaya Global

Papaya Global

Papaya Global specializes in multi-country payroll solutions and compliance automation. With a focus on efficiency, Papaya Global streamlines payroll processing for businesses with a global workforce, ensuring adherence to local regulations.


  • Automated onboarding in 160+ countries without entity establishment.
  • Supports EOR, payrolled employees, and contractors.
  • All-purpose HRIS with customizable HR attributes (cost centers, departments), predictive cost details, and analytics.
  • Locally-compliant payments in 160+ countries
  • Global payroll management for the the entire workforce
  • Payroll Intelligence Suite with over 50 standard reports 


  • Designated payroll expert for 24/7 assistance
  • Automated compliance updates
  • Proactive customer support
  • User-friendly platform


  • Invoices aren’t detailed
  • Massive employee data update is cumbersome.


  • The full-service payroll starts at $12 per month per employee.
  • Payroll Platform License starts from $3 per month per employee.
  • Data and Insights Platform License starting from $150 /mo per location
  • Payments-as-a-Service starting from $3 /mo per employee
  • Employer of Record starting from $650/mo per employee
  • Contractor management starts from $2/mo per contractor 
  • Global expertise solutions starting from $190/mo per employee

6. Oyster

Oyster is a global employment platform offering PEO and EOR services. Oyster simplifies international HR responsibilities with a focus on scalability, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses expanding their global presence.


  • Hire globally in over 180 countries.
  • Employment cost calculator for a pre-hire cost estimate.
  • Employee self-service portal to update employees' personal information, request time off, and view their pay stubs and benefits.
  • International payroll management for 140+ countries 


Efficient Communication: Easy communication with fast issue resolution, thanks to local experts providing accurate answers.

Scalable Team Building: Oyster facilitates quick and effective team scaling for startups, offering turnkey hiring solutions and responsive, dedicated support.

Comprehensive Dashboard: The interface and dashboard provide a comprehensive outlook on international hiring, streamlining the process for founders.


Missing Local Features: Some local features, like the automatic inclusion of local holidays and certain benefits, are absent, requiring employees to handle financial aspects independently.

Lack of On-Call Support: The absence of on-call support affects the speed of issue resolution, hindering the ability to address critical issues promptly.

Underdeveloped Employee Functionality: Certain employee functionalities, like uploading tax documents, are not well-developed, requiring manual handling by support. A roadmap for feature updates would enhance user experience.


  • Contractor management - $0 for the first month and $29 per contractor/month
  • Employee - $0 for the first month then starts at $499 per employee
  • Scale - Customized pricing for companies 

7. Rippling

Rippling is an employee management platform with unified HR, payroll, and benefits services. With a user-friendly interface, Rippling simplifies employee management, offering global payroll solutions for businesses with international teams.


  • Source, recruit, and hire global talent
  • Hire global employees without setting up local entities abroad.
  • Give employees access to locally relevant benefits.
  • Unified Employee Records to upload all employee information 
  • HR Cloud - US and Global Full-Service Payroll for all 50 US states & international.
  • Federal, State & Local Tax Filing (W2, W4, 1099, etc.).
  • Easily survey your employees across the world and analyze their feedback.
  • Hit your hiring plan without a single spreadsheet.
  • Connect employee performance with every workstream


  • Unified Employee Access: Employees can easily access health benefits, payroll, time off, and expenses from their computer or cell phone, fostering independence and a happier work experience.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Streamlined onboarding with co-bundled features, particularly for full-time W2 employees.
  • User-Friendly Payroll and Spend Management: Easy and cost-effective payroll and spend management with strong integration capabilities, including Quickbooks Online.


  • Poor Support Experience: Extremely poor support experience with incorrect information provided, leading to wasted time and reliance on an opaque case management system.
  • Limited and Inexperienced Chat Support: Support primarily through an online chat form with inexperienced representatives, lacking direct access to human support, especially for non-standard cases.
  • Platform Limitations Beyond US-based W2 Employees: The platform struggles when deviating from the default path of US-based W2 employees compared to other alternatives of Globalization Partners.
  • Mediocre Auxiliary Services: Auxiliary services such as app management, device management, finance cloud, and applicant tracking are generally mediocre, with missing features and poor third-party integrations.
  • Challenges in the Onboarding Process: The onboarding process is self-taught, lacking a comprehensive New Hire onboarding flow.


  • Starts at $8/user/month for basic package
  • Custom pricing for additional services

8. OnTop


OnTop specializes in global payroll and compliance management, offering EOR services to handle legal obligations for global employees. With flexible pricing and comprehensive compliance solutions, OnTop caters to businesses of various sizes.


  • Global hiring: Legal hiring in over 150 countries
  • Global contracts: Drafting and finalizing contracts in under five minutes
  • Global compliance: Handling legal documentation to ensure compliance
  • Employer of record: Paying workers on time without opening a legal entity
  • Onboarding: Onboarding employees without local legal entities
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer support and a concierge manager


  • Comprehensive Compliance Solutions: OnTop is praised for its comprehensive solutions, ensuring businesses comply with local regulations.
  • Flexible Pricing: Users appreciate OnTop's flexible pricing model, making it accessible for businesses of various sizes.


  • Customization Limitations: Some users note limitations in customization, which may be a consideration for companies with unique requirements.
  • Learning Curve: There might be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with the platform's interface.


  • Manage contractors starting at just $29
  • Employee management starts at $299 per employee/month, billed monthly
  • Global Seats - An exclusive annual package allowing you to reserve seats at a fixed rate in advance.

9. Skuad

Skuad focuses on international expansion services, helping businesses establish and manage their global presence. With industry-specific expertise and tailored solutions, Skuad supports companies in specific sectors seeking targeted international expansion.


  • Onboarding: Onboard new hires anywhere in the world
  • Payroll: Run global payroll securely with a single click
  • Compliance: Stay compliant with local employment laws
  • Benefits: Manage benefits, work permits, and timesheets
  • Dashboard: Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Payments: Manage employee and contractor payments
  • Expense management: Manage deductions and expenses


  • User-Friendly Online Portal: The online portal is easy to navigate, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Responsive Support: Quick assistance is available whenever needed, fostering constant communication.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Having an account manager provides valuable guidance for smooth operations.


  • Onboarding Process Limitations: The onboarding process lacks the flexibility to send offers before deposits, potentially causing delays in hiring timelines.
  • Lengthy ACH Processing: The ACH process for initial payments is perceived as time-consuming, impacting efficiency.
  • Pre-Selection Requirement: The onboarding process assumes that users must have already selected and negotiated with a potential hire before initiating the Skuad process.


  • Contractors starting at $19 per month
  • Full-time employees starting at $199 per month
  • Request a quote for Skuad Enterprise

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