Deel Vs. Wise - Which One Should You Choose?

Mayank Bhutoria

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Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Both Deel and Wise offer solutions to manage employees, contractors, payroll, global compliance and other HR-related tasks
  • Deel can help you with global employee management, whereas Wise suits international payments.
  • Gloroots offers you a balanced EOR solution. It offers customizable, data-driven solutions that align with your business outcomes.

Deel vs Wise: A Complete Overview

Features / Capabilities Gloroots Deel Wise
Employer of Record (EOR) - Available in 140+ countries

- Automated onboarding within 48 hours

- In-built Regulatory Compliance Engine

- Real-time onboarding updates

- Custom employee benefits

- Available in 150+ countries

- Real-time legal updates

- AI-Powered Risk Assessment

No EOR service is available
Contractor Management - End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management

- Dynamic Contract Templates

- Built-in NDA options

- Real-time Contract Monitoring

- Automated Compliance Flags

- E-signature Functionality

No contract management service is available


- Comprehensive Global Payroll Management

- Multi-currency support

- Crypto pay-in and pay-out

- Integration with Local Tax Systems

- 100% tax compliance

- Streamlined Global Payroll Processing

- Multi-Currency Support

- International Money Transfers with Competitive Exchange Rates

- Multi-Currency Account

Pricing EOR: $299/employee/month

Contractor Management:


EOR: $599/employee/month

Contractor Management: $49/contractor/month

Global Payroll: For tailored pricing, contact Deel's sales team.

- EOR service unavailable

- Transparent and Competitive Pricing for payroll services

- Customized Plans Based on Business Needs

Integration Capabilities - Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

- API Support

- Integration with Popular Business Tools

- API Access

- Limited Integration Options
Compliance Management - Real-time Compliance Checks

- Automated Compliance Updates

- Detailed Compliance Reports

- Proactive Compliance Monitoring

- Transparent Compliance Reporting

- Adherence to Financial Regulations

- Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Laws

Customer Support - 24/7 Customer Support

- Knowledgeable Support Team

- Priority Support for Enterprise Plans

- 24/7 Customer Support

- Dedicated Account Manager

- Customer Support Available during Business Hours

What is Deel?

Deel is a global payroll and compliance platform designed to help organizations hire and pay international talent. It serves as an Employer of Record (EOR), offering a suite of tools for managing contractors, handling payments, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Managers or workers can update withdrawal details, visualize team structure, oversee total payroll spending, and complete multiple tasks using Deel’s self-serve interface.  

Key Features of Deel

1. Automated onboarding

Deel offers an automated onboarding process that makes international hiring easier. 

2. Compliance management

Deel emphasizes compliance management. It helps businesses navigate and adhere to local and international employment regulations, including tax compliance, labor laws, etc.

3. International HR management

Deel HR management tools are designed to fulfill the needs of international employers. These tools simplify HR tasks with features like employee data management, document storage, and basic HR analytics.

4. Payment system

Deel supports multiple payment methods and currencies, allowing businesses to pay employees and contractors in their preferred currency. 

5. Contract management

With the contract management feature, Deel enables businesses to create, review, and manage contracts with employees and contractors.


What is Wise?

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a well-known solution to help make and receive international payments. With Wise’s online platform, businesses can send payments to remote workers and freelancers through a multi-currency account. Wise also helps to make lower-cost payouts to business customers, freelancers, employees, investors, and suppliers worldwide.  

Key Features of Wise

1. International money transfers

Wise allows organizations to send money to their workers internationally at competitive exchange rates with low fees.

2. Multi-currency account

Wise allows users to hold a single account to get payment and manage money in multiple currencies within that account.

3. Debit card

Wise provides a debit card linked to a multi-currency account. So, users can make transactions and withdrawals in different currencies.

4. Complete payment solution

Wise’s payment platform includes business-specific tools, allowing businesses to manage international transactions, pay invoices, and handle expenses efficiently.

Comparing Deel vs Wise: Pros (According to Customers)

What do users like about Deel?

1. Timely payment

Most users like Deel’s transparent, easy and on-time payment to international freelancers and remote workers. 

2. Transparent currency conversion

Deel keeps the payment process completely transparent. Its low cost, easy, and fast currency conversion allows immediate payment.

3. Faster and secure payments

Users appreciate Deel’s fast, secure, and reliable transaction process, which ensures that payments are processed efficiently and accurately. 

4. Responsive customer support

Most users are satisfied with prompt customer support services. Deel’s around-the-clock chat support service helps customers with their queries.

What do users like about Wise?

1. Transparency

Most users appreciate Wise’s transparent fee structure and exchange rates.

2. User-friendly interface

Wise is known for its user-friendly interface. Users find it easy to navigate and execute international transactions.

3. Borderless multi-currency account

Wise’s multi-currency account simplifies money management for users who frequently deal with multiple currencies.

4. Accessibility

Wise's availability in several countries and its support for various currencies suit users with diverse international needs.

Comparing Deel vs Wise: Cons (According to Customers)

What do users dislike about Deel? 

1. Pricey

Deel charges a hefty fee compared to other payment platforms. This can concern early startups and businesses on a tight budget.

2. Insufficient tax guidance

Deel does not provide tax guidance to remote contractors working with external companies. 

3. Limited integration options

Some users desire more integration options with other tools and software commonly used in their businesses.

4. Technical glitches

Some users have reported experiencing occasional technical glitches or bugs within the Deel platform. 

5. Customization Constraints

Users have mentioned Deel cannot support customizing certain platform aspects, such as contract templates.

What do users dislike about Wise?

1. Transaction limits

Users have reported limitations on the amount of money that can be transferred within specific time frames. Users needing larger transactions may face problems.

2. Complicated verification processes

Some users find the identity verification process complicated. It can be frustrating for people looking for a quicker onboarding experience.

3. Slow customer support

Some users have reported slow responsiveness of Wise's customer support and delays in addressing queries or resolving issues.

Why is Gloroots a better option?

Now that you know the benefits and limitations of Deel and Wise, here’s another global EOR service provider that suits your needs the best - Gloroots. Let’s learn about Gloroots’ features and why it is a better option for your organization.

Employer of Record (EOR) capabilities

Gloroots’ EOR services can simplify global employee management with unique features like the Self Service Portal, compensation management, tax management, etc. Gloroots allows you better control over your international talent acquisition, onboarding, and management. 

Contractor management

Gloroots offers a 6-stage automated contract management process and makes the onboarding superfast. It also provides a single dashboard view for tracking onboarding progress. This dashboard also helps to manage employment contracts, leaves, and payouts. It can follow onboarding progress across countries.

Payroll benefits

Gloroots offers an easy and hassle-free cross-border payment facility for your global employees. Along with multi-currency, Gloroots offers crypto support, so employees will get more options to receive payment. It also lets you pay all your contractors in their home currency without bothering about manual conversions.  

Complete transparency

Gloroots maintains transparency by providing detailed monthly reports that include resource usage, foreign exchange rates, employer liability, and a breakdown of EOR fees.

100% Compliance

Gloroots helps you to stay compliant with the domestic and international laws. It also helps adhere to local tax regulations, country-specific insurance coverages, etc.


Wrapping up

Deel can help you with global employee management, whereas Wise is suitable for international payments. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, Gloroots is the right choice for you.  

Gloroots offers you a balanced EOR solution. It offers customizable, data-driven solutions that align with your business outcomes. Gloroot offers 24/7 customer support, 100% compliance with tax and employment regulations, ROI tracking for HR initiatives, and other facilities, making it opt for your business. 

Partner with Gloroots today and enjoy all the benefits Deel and Wise provide together.

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